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Evergreen houseplants

Evergreen plants

Evergreen plants are a category of plants that unlike deciduous trees do not drop their leaves seasonally when the weather conditions become adverse. Generally evergreen plants are woody in nature, therefore trees, shrubs or bushes and are very common in humid tropical climates and cold climates, where the fact that the plant does not lose its leaves does not endanger the survival of the plant itself. The natural replacement of the leaves in this type of plants occurs gradually and generally in the period in which the plant produces the new buds. There are evergreen plants both among conifers (all plants belonging to this species are evergreen apart from the larch) and among broad-leaved plants such as olive, myrtle, laurel, strawberry tree.

Indoor plants

Indoor plants must be divided into various types depending on where they want to be placed. Shaded places are those places in the house where the sunlight does not reach directly, so the ideal plant type for this kind of environment is a leaf plant, while flowering plants are ideal for the places in the house most exposed to light. . The cultivation through hydroculture is certainly very particular. In this case the plant is placed in a glass container filled with expanded clay in which water mixed with a suitable fertilizer will be poured. Obviously, among the most popular plants in the apartment you can certainly find bonsai and succulent (or fat) plants, the former certainly need more care.

Terrace plants

Terrace plants are suitable for growing on small outdoor areas and can be both flowering and green leafy. Climbing, herbaceous or some shrub species can be found. Being plants that will go outside, the exposure and temperature conditions must be taken into account in order to choose the right ones. The optimal plants for a terrace are evergreens or perennials because they are easy to grow and do not need to be repotted annually. Among the main evergreen herbaceous plants suitable for a terrace we can mention lavender, periwinkle, thyme, passion flower, heather, honeysuckle. Climbing species can be very interesting, in this case trellises or supports must be prepared to make them grow properly.

Evergreen houseplants: Evergreen patio plants

Some interesting evergreen patio plants that can be grown without much trouble in confined spaces include species that can usually be found in many gardens. The olive tree, very common in Italy, is a fruit plant that is perfectly suited to cultivation on the terrace, in a pot of adequate size. Hellebore, or Christmas rose, is a plant that resists the cold well and manages to survive adequately even in pots. Ivy is a climbing plant used on terraces to decorate walls or railings because it requires very little care. The oleander flowers bloom between June and September and vary between white, garnet and red. The mountain pine is a bushy plant that has a very particular spherical shape.

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