Indoor plants

Flowers and plants from a to z

Flowering plants for apartments from a to z

Flowering or pot plants can be distinguished into annuals, which bloom only once a year and then die, from those that bloom several times a year. In general, for a more scrupulous care of your plants it is necessary to follow simple rules such as: guaranteeing excellent lighting; water with water at room temperature; being for most cases of tropical plants, never subject them to a temperature lower than 15 degrees. Some of the most common flowering plants are: the Cyclamen widespread in the Mediterranean basin in various regions of southern Europe, western Asia and boreal Africa; the Begonias from Brazil; the Anthurium native to equatorial and sub-equatorial America.

Plants from leaves for apartment

The main feature of this type of plants is that they mainly have large leaves and not flowers. These find space in the apartment for their ease of cultivation and being, for most of them, evergreens, they also have a fair variety of colors ranging from white to pink to deep red. This type of plants also need to clean the leaves themselves. This can be done with a cotton cloth soaked in water. Some of the most common leaf plants are: Maidenhair fern widespread in Europe, Africa, North America and Central America; Aglaonema widespread in tropical areas of south-east Asia; Anthorium native to Equatorial and sub-equatorial America.

Indoor trees

It is easy to recreate a relaxing environment in your apartment using apartment trees. The rules to follow in the winter months is to place the plant near the windows. The water must be direct. In the summer months, on the other hand, add some in the saucer. The plant must be positioned away from heat sources and in ventilated places. The indoor shrubs must also be treated in pruning and in the control of the soil: humid and never dry. Some of the most common apartment trees are: Benjamin ficus from East Asia; Coffea arabica from Ethiopia; spontaneous bread tree in tropical Asia and Oceania.

Flowers and plants from a to z: Gardening the Orchids

Orchids are plants that find their natural habitat near light and far from sources of heat and drafts. Being a very delicate plant, the orchid should be watered with a nebulizer. Orchids are epiphytic plants, that is, they have branched roots in the interstices between the branches. It is advisable to add pieces of bark or coconut fiber called bark. Repotting should be done when we realize that the soil is no longer compact. Pruning, on the other hand, is recommended to be carried out with carefully sharpened and disinfected gardening scissors. Some of the most common orchids are: Phalaenopsis orchids from India and Australia; Barkeria native to Mexico and Central America; Cadetia native to New Guinea and South Asia.

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