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Gardena gardening history

Gardena gardening company has a very rich history starting in 1961, when it was founded in Ulm, Germany. At that time the demand for gardening items was growing on the market because it was an activity in clear expansion, also and above all at an amateur level. Gardena immediately understood the needs of the market of the time and it was no coincidence that in a few years it managed to establish itself as a leading company in the sector, starting first with the production of garden tools only, and then expanding into the production of other tools. His is the invention, for example, of cordless tools, such as battery-powered mowers, or even the creation of a special handle where you can mount different garden tools, to have a single multipurpose product. About ten years after its birth, Gardena also began to produce irrigation systems for gardens, which were then improved in the 1990s with the aid of computerized devices. Thanks to its great capacity for innovation, Gardena is still today one of the most famous and appreciated companies in the world and continues to offer increasingly modern products.

Gardena gardening the secret of success

The secret of the success of the Gardena gardening company lies in having understood the needs of the market, which is essentially divided into two slices of customers: the first is represented by large growers or large companies that produce plants and flowers or that deal with the care of public or private gardens; the second, on the other hand, is represented by gardening enthusiasts, people with green thumbs who love to take care of their garden. Thinking about these two types of customers, Gardena has created specific products, such as mowers and large irrigation systems consisting of a complex apparatus of water pumps for growers and large companies, and tools of all kinds but simpler for the care and maintenance of a normal garden. In both cases, however,

Gardena gardening products

As you can see with your own eyes by browsing the extensive online catalog on the company’s official website, Gardena really offers any type of gardening product, even tools that a person with a green thumb can’t even imagine. It is possible to buy, even online, irrigation systems of all types, automatic and otherwise; water pumps, artificial garden ponds of the most varied shapes or even customized, depending on the customer’s request; products for the best care and maintenance of trees, hedges and lawns; tools and instruments for mowing, pruning, and working the land and many other useful tools for the gardening activity. Today Gardena has offices in over eighty countries around the world and is a market leader; over the years, thanks to excellent customer service,

Gardena gardening information

Speaking of customer care, it must be said that the Gardena gardening company guarantees help even before purchasing. Just look at the website to get an idea: the customer is guided by the company in their purchases, because for each product there is a technical data sheet and advice on how and when to use it. In the different sections you can easily find the tools we need if we have a hedge, a lawn, a tree or a bush to take care of. You can also contact the company’s experts directly for more detailed information and advice. Gardena is also useful for those who approach gardening for the first time, thanks to Gardena magazine, an online magazine containing many articles on many different plants:

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