Indoor plants

Hardy indoor plants

Hardy indoor plants

Hardy indoor plants need very little care and are suitable for those who stay little at home and can spend little time caring for the plants. On the market there are various types: the Crasula ovata which has small bright green leaves, which loves low humidity soils and needs only light to grow; the Spathiphyllum, which is suitable for rooms with little light but will grow quietly even in well-lit rooms, and even this will not particularly like water. Then we will have the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis), which will grow a lot and luxuriantly, simply by leaving it in a room with a lot of light and watering it only when the soil is dry. Finally, the famous ficus will also be part of this category of plants, which will only need a bright room and a

Evergreen indoor plants

Evergreen plants will give your home a fresh and lush look at any time of the year. Also for this type of plants we could have a wide choice: we will have the Corinocarp, a small sapling with a smooth stem and dark green leaves, which to grow needs to be exposed to sunlight and to be watered regularly in the summer season, and a little less in the winter season. In this category we will also find the Dracena of Madagascar, which can reach several meters in height, with long and pointed leaves that resemble the palm; this too should be watered more in summer than in winter. Finally we will have the Cordilinea which will have leaves with various shades of green and will need mild temperatures to grow, but not too much light.

Pots for indoor plants

The choice of the pot is essential to match your plant well with the style of your home. There are many different vases available starting from the classic cylindrical vase with saucer attached to those with a hemispherical shape that give a modern look to your home. They will be present in various materials according to your furnishing needs, for example terracotta for lovers of a classic style, or modern luminous vases for those who want a more refined look. Furthermore, for those who want to place the plant outside the home in the warmer seasons, concrete pots will be available that resist bad weather very efficiently.

Indoor plant lamps

While there are plenty of possibilities in choosing hardy or evergreen indoor plants, if you prefer a plant that needs more care and don’t have a bright enough room to place it in, you can always opt for adequate indoor lighting. These particular lamps emit the right frequency of light waves to allow your plant to do chlorophyll photosynthesis in optimal conditions and therefore grow perfectly. Among the more traditional lamps we have incandescent filament lamps, fluorescent tubes and mercury vapor lamps but recently halogen lamps have been added. The best of all these are fluorescent lamps because, having the right light intensity, they avoid burning the foliage and excessive heat dissipation.

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