Indoor plants

House plants

Indoor plants: The cactus

A houseplant that many housewives decide to buy is undoubtedly the cactus, often placed in the kitchen, near balconies and windowsills. It is a plant that comes from the greenhouse and not, as many mistakenly believe, from a desert or from any other arid place; for this reason, it needs sufficient water and light, as well as certain fertilizers to favor its growth. A cactus needs at least 8 hours a day of direct light, even better if it is natural light. At the time of purchase, you will find yourself looking after a small specimen, so it can remain in the jar received from the retailer even for a few months; you will then have to provide it with a larger container. The cost of a cactus usually fluctuates between two and five euros.

The log of happiness

Another very common houseplant and, usually the object of a gift in case of weddings or special occasions, is the Dracaena, more commonly known as the ‘Tronchetto of happiness’. It looks very similar to a palm tree, being equipped with a rather tall woody stem and few green leaves, which grow exclusively on the upper end. Growing a trochetto of happiness is an operation that is anything but complex, although some problems may be caused by the excessive dimensions in height that the plant could reach in a few years (in rare cases we even speak of ten meters). This seedling needs little light and an excess of brightness could cause yellowing of the leaves; its cost is around 40 euros.

The orchid

Orchids are plants with a magical beauty, with incredible colors, truly suggestive shapes and scents. Perhaps this is precisely what contributes to the belief that they are difficult to manage; in reality, most orchids are not complex plants, but rather have a certain longevity and high resistance. Being tropical flowers, it will be necessary to keep in mind that it is important to be able to reproduce even in one’s home, an environment capable of getting as close as possible to its original climatic conditions; a fundamental component is undoubtedly humidity, but it will be necessary to water your plant with a certain frequency, in order to guarantee it always a humid soil. To secure an orchid seedling you will need to spend at least eight / ten euros.

Indoor plants: La Pachira or ‘money plant’

The pachira is a plant with an intertwined trunk, with a very pleasant appearance, usually given as a good omen by friends and relatives and, for this reason, nicknamed ‘money plant’; it needs a warm greenhouse with a minimum temperature of 16-18 ° C, which must be combined with a high level of humidity. The soil must always be moist and it is preferable that it is composed of fibrous manure mixed with soil of leaves. In these conditions the plant is unable to produce fruit and can therefore be kept at the juvenile stage without overgrowing. The pachira must be kept strictly inside your home and must not be excessively exposed to sunlight, which could cause its death. A ‘money plant’ costs on average between thirty and forty euros.

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