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Hoya carnosa

Hoya carnosa

In Italy, Hoya carnosa is the most widespread variety of the large Hoya plant genus, belonging to the Apocynaceae family. Originally widespread in the Asian and Australian continents, they are characterized by a climbing or hanging habit. Evergreen plants to grow in the apartment or in the garden, the important thing is that in winter the outside temperatures do not go below ten degrees. The main quality of Hoya carnosa is the colorful and original flowering. In fact, it is also more commonly called wax flower, given the particular consistency of the small flowers grouped in pendulous clusters. The colors can vary from shades of pink to yellow, flowering occurs only in optimal cultivation conditions, it is often fragrant and the inflorescences produce liquid nectar.

Hoya carnosa variegata

Shiny green leaves with a fleshy consistency, oval or oblong, due to the variegated Hoya carnosa variety. The sharp foliage at the end is characterized by creamy white margins. The posture can be climbing, thanks to the production of adventitious roots which are easily welded to the vertical surfaces. They also grow well in hanging pots where the branches become hanging and twining. The flowers are star-shaped, the consistency is waxy and are grouped in umbrella-like inflorescences. White or in shades of pink, they can be very fragrant especially during the night. Hoya carnosa, if grown in temperate places, can grow outdoors reaching, with the passage of time, even several meters in height.

Hoya carnosa cultivation

Hoya carnosa is the variety that best suits the Mediterranean climate, in northern Italy it is advisable to grow it as an indoor plant while in the south it is also possible to plant it in the open ground. It must be mainly protected from temperatures below ten degrees and from stagnant water that can easily rot and deteriorate the root system. The most suitable soil is well drained and consists of peat, humus and a portion of sand. They love the light but not the direct one of the sun’s rays which block the growth of the characteristic globular inflorescences. Watering must be periodic and regular, especially in summer. Hoya carnosa enters its flowering period in spring or summer, producing pendulous clusters of waxy flowers.

Hoya carnosa propagation

Hoya carnosa can be reproduced quite easily by cutting the stems. The buds are taken from the mother plant during the spring and summer seasons. The cut must be oblique and clean, the application of a rooting powder helps and stimulates the birth of new roots. For the transplanting of the cuttings, small containers are sufficient, filled with peaty soil mixed with sand, to always be kept moist. The pots must be protected from temperatures below eighteen degrees. Another method for the multiplication of Hoya carnosa is with the offshoot technique. Selecting a branch from the plant is buried and waits for the release of the new root system. Only later is it possible to cut and remove the branch from the mother plant to be planted.

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