Indoor plants

Indoor green plants

List of indoor green plants, part one

Let’s start our list of green indoor plants by immediately mentioning the very famous and very particular Pachira, which on the market is often offered with intertwined stems; very exotic plant, it needs average temperatures and not too regular watering, moreover it adapts well also to discreetly illuminated places. Let’s proceed with the Beaucarnea, or Smoke-Eating Plant, well known thanks to the shape of the stem which at the base assumes an oval aspect; it needs infrequent watering and adapts very well to almost all places. The Chamaedorea and the Areca, very similar plants whose leaves are reminiscent of palm trees; very simple to cultivate and very versatile, they adapt well to all places, even the less luminous ones, and need only rather regular watering.

List of green indoor plants, part two

Let’s go back to our list immediately from the Zamioculcas, or Padre Pio Plant, an evergreen succulent plant that is very simple to grow and very elegant; it adapts well to any place and needs very rare watering. The Dracaena Fragrans, better known as the Tronchetto of happiness, a very common and easy to grow plant; it adapts well and needs not very regular watering. The Yucca, very particular thanks to its stem, easy to grow and with few needs. The Pothos, suitable for lovers of hanging plants, very easy to grow and not too invasive. The Ficus, certainly known, is simple to grow and very ornamental. Dieffenbachia, particular thanks to the mottled dark green and yellow-white leaves; it needs rather regular watering, for the rest it has no particular needs.

List of green indoor plants, part three

Let’s continue our list starting from the Calathee, a set of very particular and elegant plants that need not too bright places and fairly regular watering. Sansevieria, a succulent and not too expansive plant; it does not require regular watering and adapts well to any type of place. The Fern, a well-known plant with famous properties capable of purifying the environment; more than anything else it needs very frequent watering, especially in summer and if exposed to too hot and bright places. The Croton, with particular very cheerful and colorful leaves, needs above all regular watering. The Schefflera, a plant with green leaves with yellow mottled color; very simple to grow,

Indoor green plants: List of indoor green plants, Bonsai and Bromeliads

We dedicate a paragraph to green indoor plants«details» such as Bonsai and plants belonging to the Bromeliads family. Bonsai plants are certainly highly sought after, especially thanks to their oriental charm, but they certainly require more care and maintenance than the rest of the green indoor plants; below is a list of the best known and «easy» to care for Bonsai: Crassula, Ficus, Schefflera, Cycas and Zelkova. We conclude by talking about the plants belonging to the Bromeliads family, whose peculiarity lies in the fact that they bloom only once in their life, with blooms that last even months, remaining then evergreen; moreover, they produce basal shoots which can be transplanted autonomously and which in turn will produce only a flowering and then remain evergreen.

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