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The cactus: indoor plants

The first of the indoor plants we will talk about is the cactus; in fact, if it is able to survive in the desert, it can certainly be able to resist even inside your home. Of all the plants that require a low level of maintenance, the Cactus is considered by many to be the best, as it does not need frequent irrigation and can be left alone for a couple of days, should you intend to go away for the weekend or for a period of three / four days. It will be sufficient to place them on a windowsill, near a window to make sure that they get the right sunlight, and not to repeat watering until the water has completely dried from the container in which the cactus has been stored.

The ficus benjamina

Ficus benjamina may at first glance seem like a simple plant to care for. However, that’s not exactly how things are. In fact, very few people are able to do it perfectly. First of all it is necessary to keep in mind that this plant needs the right humidity; for this reason, it will be necessary to keep the soil always humid, as well as the crown of the same. As it is a fairly large plant, it is particularly suitable for placing in apartments or houses with high ceilings and plenty of free space. Ficus Benjamina prefers indirect sunlight, so it is preferable to place your plant in a corner of a room with windows. As for irrigation, it is necessary to provide it with water every two or three days and give a little fertilizer every year.

The African violet

African violets belong to the Gesneriaceae family and are native to Tanzania; these are not extremely pleasant specimens solely for the beauty of the flowers they produce, but we are at the same time in the presence of fairly cheap and easy to maintain plants. African violets, also known as saintpaulia, are small plants that take about nine months to flower, and above all they need a limited amount of indirect sunlight. If there are ever strong changes in temperature, it will simply be necessary to remove the African violets from the window. To harm the ‘health’ of these indoor plants, it is also excessive watering,

Indoor plants pictures: Il Filodendro

The Philodendron is a houseplant native to Colombia, very easy to maintain, as it can easily tolerate dry air and semi-shade, better than most plants. It does not require many care, but it is still necessary to add a little fertilizer to the water every two weeks during the growing season. Its dimensions are anything but contained, especially in height, as it can reach two meters in height; for this reason, it must be placed in houses with a rather high ceiling, a bit like it happened for Ficus benjamina. Its leaves are hanging, bright green and about fifty to sixty centimeters long. During the cold months it will be necessary to water it occasionally,

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