Indoor plants

Indoor succulents

Indoor succulents

The green in the house gives warmth to the rooms, the indoor succulents are an excellent solution for a welcoming decor. You can create compositions of various kinds with the many species that can be purchased on the market. Undisputed protagonist of indoor succulentsis the Cactaceae family with all its different varieties of cacti. Exotic ornamental plants, with numerous shapes and easily cultivable. Another very common species among indoor succulents is Sanseveria. With very bright lanceolate leaves, shaded in green and yellow streaks, it is a very resistant plant. It does not need direct light sources, tolerates heat well and above all fears temperatures below 10 degrees. It does not require much water in winter and resists even long periods of drought in summer.

Characterizing the decor of your home with indoor succulents is an opportunity to get to know the many varieties on the market. Growing them is not difficult as they do not require special care. With fleshy and mottled leaves, the species called Adromischus is a dwarf plant available in different varieties. It fears the cold below 10 degrees and its ideal position is in front of direct light sources. Useful as well as ornamental is the Aloe vera plant, one of the most common indoor succulents. It adapts easily to the rooms of the house and does not require constant watering. Its green, fleshy leaves with lateral thorns are used as a natural medicine. It fears the cold and needs direct sunlight at home.

Indoor succulent plant species

Indoor succulents are a great choice for creating and designing a small conservatory inside your home. The numerous species offer characteristic shapes and original compositions that allow a wide choice, which does not preclude particular maintenance care for cultivation. Mammillaria, for example, is a widespread species, belonging to the cactus family and a desert plant suitable for any climatic context. In summer, flowering takes place on the top of the cactus with rounded lines. The Aeonium species, with its sapling shape, is also suitable for home cultivation. The stems of the plant support the rosette foliage, the color shades of the leaves vary according to the different varieties of the species. It must be protected from harsh winter climates and requires a

Indoor succulents: Types of succulents

The families that define the varieties of indoor succulents are numerous and are characterized by their original lines and shapes. According to your tastes, it is not difficult to find succulent plants on the market, also known as succulents, suitable for growing and keeping inside your home. The succulent Lampranthus for example, needs light and should not be watered too frequently, especially in winter. Among the indoor succulents, the varieties of the Kalanchoe genus are characterized by their broad foliage and persistent blooms. Numerous species of Kalanchoe available in many shades of color, do not need constant watering and fear the cold. With a little’

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