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Sansevieria (also called Sanseveria)

Sansevieria, a rather widespread type of plants in the house, and more commonly called Sanseveria, belongs to the Liliacee family and comes from the southern coasts of Africa, as well as from most of Asia. It can grow up to one meter in height and has green sword-shaped leaves, although different lines are possible depending on the exact area of ​​origin of the specimen. Sansevieria should be planted in a rather large pot, preferably in terracotta, and needs a soil suitable for succulents. It should also be remembered that this plant needs good brightness, but it should not be exposed to sunlight for too long, which could deteriorate it in the long run; likewise, you must always try to guarantee an environment in which the temperature does not drop below 10 °. Its average cost is 15 euros.

Plants in the house: bonsai

Another plant that housewives love to own is the bonsai, a specimen of Asian origin. Although it requires rather frequent care, it is not necessary to be a real ‘green thumb’ to own one and to guarantee it a long survival. Particular attention should be paid to the following aspects: light, pruning, watering and repotting; a bonsai needs a lot of light as it is necessary for photosynthesis to take place, without which the plant is unable to grow. It is also important to water it at least twice a week and to change the pot every two / three years. Another very important aspect is the pruning of the bonsai, for which care must be taken to eliminate only the shoots that compromise the aesthetics of the specimen.

The ficus benjamina

The ficus benjamina is a specimen belonging to the Moraceae family, coming from southern Asia and very appreciated for its thick foliage. To keep it in excellent conditions, a soft and porous soil is necessary, with particular attention to its drainage in order to avoid the formation of water stagnations; a ficus benjamina survives better in hot environments and is able to withstand even the very high summer temperatures, although it is preferable to store it in a shady area during the hottest hours of the summer season. Since this is a type of plant in the house, sudden changes in temperature, which could cause deterioration, and the formation of an arid soil, which would cause the death of the specimen, are to be absolutely avoided. A ficus benjamina usually costs ten euros.

The Philodendron (or Monstera)

Monstera, better known as Philodendron, is one of the plants that can be seen most frequently in the apartments of Italian families. With an exotic design, it has very large and glossy leaves and is capable of producing fruits with a flavor similar to that of pineapple. It goes without saying that this plant needs a lot of water during the summer period, while in the winter season it is sufficient to water it even once a week, being careful whenever the soil begins to dry out and, therefore, requires irrigation. As far as pruning is concerned, the Philodendron does not seem to need it, although it is still necessary to eliminate all the leaves that gradually dry up, in order to avoid the spread of a possible disease. Its cost is around ten euros.

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