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Potus plant

Potus plant

Scientifically called Scindapsus or Epipremnum is a genus commonly known with the name of Potus or Pothos. Belonging to the Araceae family, it is native to the South Asian continent and South America. Among the most common indoor plants that require simple care. There are several evergreen and climbing varieties that are grown for ornamental purposes due to their characteristic heart-shaped or lanceolate leaves. Available in plain color or variegated and mottled cream. Depending on the variety, they can be larger than ten centimeters. To grow in height the Potus plant must be guided by relative supports, otherwise it will assume a prostrate posture suitable for pots to hang on the walls. Cultivated in the open ground it can grow for several meters both in height and in length.

Potus plant cultivation

Very widespread and used for ornamental purposes, the species Potus evergreen indoor plant can be grown easily with simple attentions. Versatile plants that can easily grow in both soil and hydroponics. The foliage is compact, glossy green and often characterized by cream-colored streaks. They love the light but fear direct exposure to the sun which causes the plants to lose vigor. They fear drafts and cannot stand temperatures below ten degrees in winter. They live well in partial shade and adapt to any well-drained soil. Usually the Potus plant is grown in pots but in temperate climatic contexts it can also be planted in the ground, always away from direct sunlight. Irrigation does not have to be constant during

Reproduction of the Potus plant

Absolutely easy to multiply, the Potus plant can be reproduced through cuttings to root even in water. Just choose a sturdy and apical top, make an oblique cut and place the branch in a heaped container. When the roots have grown it is possible to transplant the new plants into the moist soil which must be placed in a not too bright area, where the temperature does not drop below twenty degrees. The same procedure for cutting can also be applied by planting the cut branch, directly in a pot with peaty and moist soil. Another method to reproduce the Potus plant is obtained by dividing, also with the help of a knife, and directly cutting the root system of the vegetable. The most suitable months for these operations are March and April.

Potus variety plants

There are about forty different species of the Potus plant. Among the varieties of evergreen indoor plants most used for ornamental purposes, there is Epipremnum aureum or Scindapsus aureus. More commonly known as Potus or Pothos aureo thanks to its adaptability it can be cultivated without great difficulty even by the most inexperienced. The foliage of this drooping is glossy green, large, oval in shape and pointed at the end. Several varieties of the species have the characteristic cream-colored veins, grown indoors it is difficult for the plant to enter into flowering. Another variety of this genus is the so-called Epipremnum pinnatum, the leaves are large and heart-shaped, in a single color or with a variegated and mottled surface, they are aesthetically very decorative.

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