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Real Christmas tree

The real Christmas tree: pine or fir

The undisputed star of the holidays, the Christmas tree manages to give the home a warm and familiar atmosphere. And if every year the age-old dilemma about whether to buy a real tree or an artificial one returns, very often Italians tend to favor a fir or a natural pine. Typically, real Christmas trees purchased in Italy are spruce (Picea Abies) also known as spruce. And over 90% of the plants purchased to be decorated come from specialized nursery crops, mainly concentrated in the regions of Tuscany (mostly in the province of Arezzo and Pisa), Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. In the rest of Europe, fir trees and more rarely pines or other evergreen conifers are used very often.

If every year the question arises about whether to buy a real Christmas treeor synthetic, there are many advantages that can derive from buying a natural one. Perfect to be decorated and placed both inside the home and outside, real Christmas trees bring the unmistakable scent of the holidays into the home. But the real Christmas tree can also turn out to be an eco-sustainable choice. In Italy, almost all of the natural Christmas trees sold come not from forests but from nurseries. And only a fraction of the cultivated trees come from abroad, in particular from Northern Europe, while the majority are of national origin. Furthermore, almost all artificial Christmas trees are made of non-biodegradable materials mostly produced in Asian countries, the transport of which involves extremely substantial emissions of carbon dioxide.

How to take care of the real Christmas tree

Unlike an artificial Christmas tree, of course, the real one requires special care and attention so that it can survive the Christmas holidays and last longer. As soon as purchased, it is absolutely advisable to keep the tree in its pot or repot it, keep it rather wet and place it away from heat sources such as radiators and fireplaces. To avoid suffocating spruce or pine, do not use spray snow or heavy decorations. Once the celebrations are over, the tree must be stripped of its decorations with the utmost caution: the loss of needles, if not excessive, is completely normal. Subsequently, it will be placed outside the house: the tree needs a rather cold climate and if you live in warm regions or by the sea,

Real Christmas Tree: The prices of the real Christmas tree

And if with the necessary precautions the real Christmas tree can survive until the following year, very often it is destined to be used only once. So, unlike a synthetic tree that can be kept for many years, the natural Christmas tree has a much lower price, for the same height. Prices fluctuate around 14 euros for a small tree (from 50 to 80 cm in height), to 50-80 euros for medium trees (from 90 to 150 cm) and can also reach a price of 500-600 euros for decidedly heights. demanding (up to 450 cm). Even Ikea, starting from November, offers the possibility of buying a real Christmas tree which, generally, has a height of about 140 cm and a price that is around 19 euros.

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