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Smoke plant

Smoke plant

Commonly called the Smoke Plant, it is called in botany Beaucarnea, a genus of plants belonging to the Ruscaceae family, it is native to Central America and Mexico. This genus includes twenty other varieties, the majority of which are difficult to find on the market. Evergreen perennials that are characterized by the quality of absorbing harmful smoke and gases without suffering any consequences. The foliage is long and narrow, falling downwards, it develops only on the apical part of the stem, fleshy and swollen at the base. The Smoke Plant is devoid of branches. There are both male and female specimens belonging to this species, the genus is distinguishable in the different colors of the small cluster inflorescences that appear with difficulty and after several years of growth.

Cultivation of the smoke plant

Simple to grow, the Smoke Plant, also known as Baeucarnea, does not require excessive attention. In fact, it grows well in pots inside your home and must be protected mainly from cold currents and winter temperatures below ten degrees. It prefers well-drained soils composed of peaty loam and parts of coarse sand, which help to avoid the onset of deleterious water stagnation. The location must be bright but at the same time away from direct sunlight. Irrigation must be suspended in autumn and winter while it must be regular and frequent in spring and summer. Fertilization helps the development of the smoke plant, and it is advisable to administer once a month some organic fertilizer diluted in the

Propagation of the Smoke Plant

It is possible to reproduce the Smoke Plant through the sowing method. In fact, the seeds are easily available on the market. They should be planted at the end of the winter season in containers, preferably heated, made up of peat and coarse sand. The pots containing the seeds must be stored away from light and covered with a plastic or glass protection. The ideal temperature to stimulate germination is around twenty degrees. Another technique to multiply the Smoke Plant is with the cutting of the shoots that over time will grow at the base of the plant. They can be transplanted directly into small pots, filled with peaty loam and coarse sand. The temperature must be around twenty-four degrees and with the first green jets,

Varieties of the Smoke Plant

Among the species of Beaucarnea or Smoke Plant, the easiest to find on the market is the variety called Beaucarnea recurvata. Originally from Mexico, it has a fleshy stem, at the base it is enlarged compared to the rest of the plant. It adapts well to apartment living and requires mild temperatures and areas sheltered from currents. The flowers appear after several years and are gathered in white clusters. Even if it is grown in optimal environmental conditions, it does not reach more than two meters in height. The foliage is narrow, long and bright green. Another variety of the Smoke Plant is the Beaucarnea longifolia, the stem is fleshy and swollen at the base, the leaves can measure even over one meter in length. Beaucarnea gracilis produces red cluster inflorescences and the foliage is gray-green.

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