Aloe plant

The aloe plant: the story

Aloe is a succulent, ornamental plant with rosette leaves, which is grown in the open ground. The Englishman Francis Masson was very successful in his travels through tropical Africa, the Canary Islands, the West Indies, America. Its name is linked to the introduction of the first Erica plants from South Africa. He also introduced numerous species of aloes to Europe which were then displayed in the famous English garden of Kew. Aloe is an ancient plant known by the Phoenicians; the doctors of the Greek and Roman times speak of the medicinal virtues of this plant, whose name seems to derive from a Greek term that means salty or bitter, as, in fact, is the juice of Aloe. Aloe is a plant that often grows in numerous colonies even in the most inaccessible and dry places. The juice is squeezed from the leaves and concentrated by boiling. The resulting blackish paste is used for external use as a healing agent, for internal use it is used as a laxative. In the last century it was used to spread the thumbs of children with aloe to get rid of the bad habit of sucking the finger.

Aloe a plant with many characteristics

Aloe is a plant that belongs to the Liliaceae family. There are several species of it in nature, each with a different characteristic. Aloe albiflora is a characteristic plant for its white flowers and acaule rosette, it has few leaves, 12-15 centimeters long. Aloe arborescens is a very well-known and very cultivated plant, it even reaches 3-4 meters in height with a rosette of light green leaves at the apex, red inflorescences from May to June. Aloe breviflora is a plant that has acauli rosettes that emit numerous buds, small and red but showy flowers. Aloe ferox is a slow growing plant with very thorny leaves, red flowers, which bloom in bunches. Aloe succontrina is a plant that has interesting narrow, oblong, and toothed rosettes. L’ aloe variegata is one of the most beautiful species, it has white streaked leaves and long, deep pink floral racemes. Particularly afraid of humidity.

Aloe how the plant multiplies

The aloe plant includes many species. The leaves are succulent, long, usually thorny at the edges. Aloe is a plant that blooms from May to September. The aloe plant is a plant to grow in full sun outdoors, indoors in very bright places. Aloe is a plant that is placed in a loose, sandy, drained soil. It should be fertilized little and rarely. Aloe is a plant that should be watered infrequently, avoiding stagnation of water. The multiplication takes place through the detachment of the basal shoots, which are potted individually. Aloe is a very rustic plant, characteristic of Liguria. The aloe plant can also be reproduced by seed, but it is a very difficult method that only specialists know how to do. In fact,

Aloe plant: A plant for many treatments

Aloe is a plant that has been used for centuries for the beauty, well-being and care of human beings. From medicine to herbal medicine, the aloe plant knows no limits to its use. Beauticians, doctors, operators in the wellness sector, are well aware of the beneficial properties of the plant. Almost sixty years ago, precisely in 1959, in far away Texas, a pharmacist began studying the properties of this plant. The Texan pharmacist put in place a mechanism to stabilize the pulp of the aloe. An intuition that opened the doors to the sale of aloe. From that moment on, aloe has become the best friend of women and beyond. Today, there are many products on the market based on extracts of this plant. From creams to hair products, syrups to fruit juices,

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