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The gift of a plant

We all know and can confirm that the floral gift is one of the most popular and appreciated gifts, both because it adapts very well to every situation and because it is universally appreciated. In fact, receiving a gift made entirely by Mother Nature, and with such perfection of forms and efficiency, is always a pleasure and this is due to nothing other than a genetic bond with nature, our creator. Reasoning on this aspect, we can justify it by observing that although man tries in every way to escape from nature and get away from it, it remains rooted within us and every time we meet it, whether for a walk in the park or for a landscape seen from passage or even for a gift of a flower that we receive, the effect is to feel immediately in conciliation with it,


It is not difficult to notice that our modern society is continually subject to media phenomena, because many hours of our typical day are bombarded by such phenomena. This also exists from the point of view of plants, their diffusion and their appreciation for the public and in this article we are talking about a plant that has been the subject of a real commercial success in recent years: aloe vera. This plant certainly has a tropical origin and is scientifically classified in the group of succulent plants, i.e. those plants that have evolved their internal tissues so that they can keep water, lymph and other nutrients inside them. On the surface this may seem unnecessary behavior, but in places where the water is scarce or in any case it is usable for short periods and interspersed with long pauses of drought then this capacity becomes vital. The shape of the Aloe plant, with its large, elongated leaves of a certain consistency (due to the fact that they are full of liquid substances) and with spikes distributed on the edges is a peculiar feature that makes it recognized almost everywhere.

Sale aloe

Aloe vera is a plant that is extremely famous and commercially very active and we have mentioned the main characteristics, but why is the sale of this plant so strong? The fact is that the tissues that contain the nutritional liquids inside the Aloe leaves are very rich in substances that are also positive for the human being, who therefore has learned to exploit them and make them usable for everyone. This has given rise to a thriving aloe-based industry and at the same time the general appreciation has grown to such an extent that many people want to have their own aloe vera at home, as a symbol of nature’s purity and efficacy. extraordinary. The sale of Aloe is therefore a prolific sale with large numbers, justified by the extraordinary qualities of this plant which today is the main ingredient of many creams and other derivative products. But what are the most common ways of selling aloe? Well, a distinction must be made between products derived from aloe and from the plant itself. As far as the plant is concerned, its sale is conditioned on the ability to follow the market of florists and other workers in the sector, because it is not among the historical plants of the vegetable trade and therefore to supply oneself to sell it is to follow the market. For this reason, especially in centers less open to other cultures, those who want to acquire Aloe turn to the internet. The products, on the other hand, are widespread practically everywhere, or rather in all structures that sell cosmetics and other similar products,

Sale Aloe: Properties of aloe

The only insight missing from this article that tries to see in depth the selling characteristics of aloe vera is what are those properties that make this plant so appreciated and special. The secret, as already mentioned above, lies in the fact that it is a succulent species, therefore its internal tissues have evolved to be able to preserve the nutrients that the plant needs to be able to use them when there is a lack of them. Fortunately for us human beings, these substances that aloe needs and therefore preserves are also precious for us and, with the right method, it is possible to extrapolate all this from the plant and put it in the form of creams, extracts and other products.

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