Aloe Vera for Insect Bites

Mosquito, wasp, bee or other insect bites are usually harmless but are usually annoying, causing itching, pain, redness and inflammation .

There are many products on the market, including creams and lotions to soothe the discomfort caused by mosquito bites and other insects, but if you really want something fast, effective, natural and ecological, you should try aloe vera to alleviate the symptoms of these bites.

As you will see below, Aloe Vera is not only an ideal plant for beautifying the skin, it is also ideal for repairing and healing. It can heal from burns and wounds to hemorrhoids .

Aloe Vera, the best Home Remedy for Stings

Even using all the methods and techniques that exist to avoid insect bites, it is impossible to get rid of them, however, there are many home remedies to alleviate the effects of bites and aloe vera or aloe is the best of all.

In Europe, insect bites occur more frequently in the summer months and in rural areas due to environmental conditions, however, in Latin America it depends on the seasons, but there is more exposure to insects as a general rule.

Inflammation and itching are the most common effects caused by these bites, apart from a risk of infection. Every time we scratch we increase irritation and the risk of infection, in short, a nightmare.

In the case of having an aloe vera plant at home, you have a treasure when it comes to bites, since it will effectively reduce inflammation of the area where you have suffered the bite, it will relieve the itching and will heal possible wounds caused by yourself when scratching. You just have to extract the crystal from an aloe vera leaf or stalk, cut a piece and apply it on the bite previously cleaned with warm water and soap. Then cover the bite with gauze and repeat the process several times a day and you will see how the bite disappears.

Aloe Vera Benefits for Insect Bites

 On the one hand, thanks to its antimicrobial activity, it successfully prevents and fights infections that could appear after the bite and, on the other hand, its anti-inflammatory action helps to heal and regenerate the skin affected by the bite.

As Aloe Vera is a natural moisturizer, it will keep the skin moisturized and fresh, preventing it from cracking or pimples and at the same time it will relieve pain, reduce inflammation and counteract the itching caused by the allergic reaction to the fluids secreted by the mosquito or insect when biting.

On the other hand, aloe vera will hydrate the skin around the bite and will soften the dark mark of the bite.

How is Aloe Vera applied for a mosquito bite?

Although it seems obvious, all you have to do is open a leaf of Aloe Vera, extract the Aloe Vera gel and apply it on the bite and let it act.

Remember that Aloe Vera gel can be kept in the refrigerator or even frozen without losing its properties. If you apply it cold, you will still feel a greater sensation of relief on the skin.

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