Aloe Vera Hemorrhoids

In this article we will see how to use aloe vera to treat inflamed and bleeding hemorrhoids .

Thanks to its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties , aloe gel and aloe juice are an extremely effective natural remedy in the treatment of this type of disorder, especially in people who also suffer from chronic and stubborn constipation, a symptom that is often combined with the problem of hemorrhoids.

We will see how aloe can not only treat skin problems such as dermatitis , stretch marks , as a substitute for shaving gel or dandruff , but also hemorrhoids and very effectively.

Aloe vera against hemorrhoids

In the treatment of hemorrhoids, aloe vera acts at different levels:

  • The gel, applied externally, reduces pain . Thanks to the high content of acemannan, Aloe gel, applied locally, has a calming, refreshing, healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. It works by reducing pain and relieving itching;
  • Juice to drink is a powerful anti-inflammatory . Aloe Vera juice to drink has an anti-inflammatory action throughout the body and in particular in the digestive system, in the walls of the colon, including the anus and, of course, also in the tissue that forms hemorrhoids;
  • It has laxative properties. Aloe Vera juice has a laxative action that facilitates the elimination of stool. It also nourishes the intestinal bacterial flora and regulates the intestine;
  • Cleanses the liver. The development of hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and lymphatic edema often goes hand in hand with liver fatigue. In this sense, Aloe Vera juice helps a lot thanks to its deep purifying action on the blood and liver;

How to treat hemorrhoids using aloe vera

Our advice is to use both the aloe vera gel for local use and the juice to drink together.

By acting both on the outside and inside the body, you will get immediate relief and gradual treatment in the medium and long term.

How to use aloe gel for hemorrhoids

You can use the gel taken directly from the leaves of your aloe vera plant, or specific creams, with no less than 98% aloe vera gel.

Here are the links to amazon of two pure aloe vera juices with a great value for money (Remember that it is much better to drink the juice from our own plants): 

  • Green Frog Organic Aloe Vera Juice With Pulp 1L
  • Pure Aloe – Aloe vera juice

Aloe vera gel should be applied topically to hemorrhoids two or more times a day.

The gel works on hemorrhoids by reducing inflammation, relieving pain, and relieving itching. It also acts on circulation, reducing venous stasis.

How to drink aloe juice for hemorrhoids

In addition to the gel for local use, for the treatment of hemorrhoids, I recommend taking aloe vera juice.

What juice to choose? Is aloe vera juice better? With or without aloin?

The choice of juice should not be done at random, it depends a lot on the degree of severity of the problem and the state or less of the pregnancy, in which case the affected person is a woman.

How should pregnant women take aloe vera?

In this case, Aloe juice that contains aloin should be absolutely avoided! The reason is that aloin can cause uterine spasms that can lead to abortion.

However, you can take the concentrated aloe vera juice, without aloin. Aloe vera purified from this substance is safe and can be taken without problems. However, if you have any doubts, ask your doctor first.

For severe external hemorrhoids, and/ or with prolapse

Also in this case I advise you to avoid aloin, whose laxative action can be excessive, which ends with the worsening of the problem, instead of solving it. You will not have these problems instead of taking the concentrated aloe vera juice, without aloin.

For non-serious internal hemorrhoids

For less severe cases of inflamed hemorrhoids, I recommend taking aloe vera juice, mixing and mixing the aloe leaves (including the rind), with raw organic honey and 2 tablespoons of distillate (brandy, gin, vodka, etc.).

Honey and alcohol, in addition to making the juice more pleasant and lengthening the storage time, serve to improve the absorption of anthraquinones, substances with laxative, antitumor and antimicrobial properties. Taking the aloe leaf in its entirety is the best way to purify the body in depth, removing the problem from the root.

What dose should I take and for how long?

Aloe juice should be taken three times a day, 20-30 minutes before the three main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

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