Aloe vera to prevent and stop alopecia

Who does not lose hair at some point in life? , hair loss is a natural and normal process of human growth, it is normal for hair to be replaced by new hair, it is the law of life, however this natural process of hair loss can become a problem if the amount that falls exceeds reasonable amounts causing hairless areas on the scalp.

What is alopecia? Do I suffer from alopecia?

But when can we say that it exceeds the normal amounts of hair loss? According to scientific studies, the normal hair loss rate ranges between 10 and 100 strands of hair per day , if you observe an abundant fall, you are possibly passing the threshold of the common and you may be suffering from an aesthetic health problem.

This process known as alopecia affects millions of people in the world . Yes, as you read it, alopecia or hair loss is a very common disease that affects people without distinction of age, if it is likewise, without distinction of age, social stratum, sex and race, because you can see children , young and old suffering from alopecia. The consequences of this problem are reflected in a low selfesteem of the people who suffer from it, who seek to hide this situation by wearing hats and even wigs to avoid the gazes of the curious.

In children , hair loss or alopecia is a cause of concern for parents and frustration for children who may be  bullied and laughed at by their playmates. It is important that parents are attentive to any changes in their children to act quickly.

In the specific case of women, there is also hair loss after childbirth as a result of the hormonal changes to which the body is subjected, causing in new mothers a traumatic and anxiety situation that must be channeled effectively to avoid effects side effects such as depression so common at this stage.

Use aloe vera to prevent and stop Alopecia

But how can we avoid continuous hair loss, well there is no magic formula for it, but we can help with a healthy diet, avoiding physical and mental stress among other things.

Aha, but what to do if I am suffering from hair loss? Today here I present a quick and effective solution, at hand and easily located. Aloe vera, also known as alopecia, is the solution to your alopecia problems in a fast, simple and inexpensive way.

Aloe vera is a common plant that you can have in your house, in a neighbor’s house or simply in a field sown directly in the ground or in a pot, and that does not require much attention for its growth.

This plant is native to Africa and has spread throughout the world thanks to its powerful benefits, its scientific name is Aloe barbadensis and for those who do not know it it is green in color that can reach up to a meter in length with fleshy leaves with spiny edges. inside which there is a whitish resin in the form of crystals that can be obtained by cutting the leaf and removing the outside of it. The crystals are sticky without odor so their application does not cause any type of body odor problem in the person.

Benefits of aloe vera for alopecia

How to use aloe vera as a treatment for alopecia? To address this point we must clarify that aloe vera is a plant with many medicinal uses, it is used in the world of cosmetology and health for its great healing and moisturizing properties, commercially there are an infinity of products available in stores and pharmacies for the consumer with aloe as the main ingredient. Try this spray for less than 5 Euros!

At the scalp level, aloe vera can restore dead cells and help prevent the loss of hair strands. In addition, it has moisturizing and moisturizing properties, by leveling and maintaining the ph levels of the scalp, which is why it will facilitate the growth of the new strand and will protect the existing ones against environmental damage, additionally its continuous use combats another problem the scalp, the annoying and unattractive dandruff .

Here is another great product for hair, based on aloe vera, for less than 15 euros!

How to use aloe vera for alopecia

But you may be wondering how to prepare miraculous aloe vera and how to apply it to the scalp, as you will be surprised how easy and practical it is to use aloe vera crystals (that whitish, sticky, gelatinous substance).

Home remedies with aloe vera for alopecia

  1. You must extract the aloe vera crystal from a leaf and place it in a perfectly clean container to mix it with hot water. Create a uniform and homogeneous paste with the help of a spatula, wait for it to cool and apply with damp hair on the scalp , massage and leave it to act for an hour and then remove it with plenty of water, it is recommended for better and faster effects use a hat.
  2. You can also apply the aloe crystals directly to the wet scalp, for this you must create a mush with the crystals with the help of a fork or a blender, massaging to ensure that all the strands are impregnated with the crystals, you apply it by 30 minutes and remove the mixture with plenty of warm water. It is repeated every two or three days for best results.
  3. Now if you want to control the problem of alopecia, strengthen the scalp and moisturize the hair all at once, you can mix the alopecia gel with two large tablespoons of oil (it can be almond, coconut or olive), apply on the hair massaging the scalp and covered with a cap. It is recommended to apply it for 30 minutes to 1 hour. The mixture is removed with plenty of cold water. During the first month the process is repeated once a week, later it can be applied twice a month.

In all cases, after removing the aloe vera, you should apply a shampoo. These home remedies with aloe are easy to carry out and apply in the comfort of your home, they do not require a large investment and their results can be observed with the continuity in the application of the product.

Additionally, your hair will be strengthened and hydrated, providing more elasticity to existing hair and causing the growth of new strands in the affected areas. Your hair will thank you for your perseverance and you yourself will be able to observe hair regeneration with the application of these recipes.

What are you waiting for? Prevent alopecia from taking you away from an active social life, in our hands is an economic solution with great results for our self-esteem. The days of alopecia on your scalp are numbered thanks to the practical application of aloe vera.

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