Decorate with Succulents: Succulent Rabbit

If you look closely, nowadays it is super fashionable to use succulents to decorate not only gardens but also interiors. This is due to the simple and simple reason that they are ornamental plants and give a touch not only fresh but also colorful and radiant to any place , clearly bringing a lot of life to the environment where they come to be.

Succulents are too versatile plants in terms of their variety, shape and color, it is these factors that at the same time make them so attractive to anyone, they attract a lot of attention being very visually pleasing.

Today I want to share with you a nice way to decorate with these beautiful plants, I bring you a wire bunny, stuffed with moss and decorated with succulents ; It is a very simple decoration and without a doubt it will be super beautiful. Without using special substrates for succulents.

Materials needed to assemble the succulent bunny

Next, I am going to list the materials you need to make the bunny … they are few, simple and very easy to get:

  1. Wire structure : The good news is that you do not need to elaborate it because they are already made and you can easily get them in garden centers or decoration places; I chose the rabbit-shaped structure because it looks adorable and I love these animals , however, there is a great variety of figures and shapes so you can choose the one you like the most. The only thing you should keep in mind before buying it is that this structure has a good depth to later introduce the moss.
  2. Small succulents : In my particular case I used Sempervivum or Immortelle , I had a large number of these and they were enough for decoration. The amount you will need will vary according to the size of the structure you have, but the idea is that the moss can be covered very well, so the more succulents you put on it, it will look much prettier, however, here it will also influence too much your taste and creativity.
  1. Larger succulent : Yes, you will need another succulent, but this one must be larger than the previous ones and must be planted in a pot of a size proportional to the hole that your structure must have in the center, the idea is that it fits without problem in this hole to put the pot on the surface.
  1. Dry moss : We can say that this is the main component of our elaboration. I used a moss called “lizard or chameleon moss”, they say that because precisely they use it to put it on chameleons. It was very easy to get, I bought it online at a fairly comfortable price; This material is quite compact, so it will be necessary to undo it and thus it will take on much more volume.

Succulent rabbit montage

Well, having already obtained these materials, everything is ready for the most fun … the elaboration of the decorative succulent bunny. And to make this process a little easier for you, here I am going to describe, step by step, the procedure you must follow to carry it out with great success:

  1. First of all, you will start by undoing the moss . As I have already mentioned, it comes super compact, so you must leave it ready to be able to manipulate it with ease. You can help yourself by using a tray so as not to make disasters and in it gradually put the small pieces that you are removing with your hands from the moss block, remember that the smaller they are, they will be easier to use, so … to undo it as much as you can and completely. Generally, when carrying out this process the moss will start to raise a little dust that can become quite annoying if you are in a closed place, to avoid this I recommend spraying a little water with the help of spray that will moistening.


  1. Once all the moss is undone, you can proceed to fill the wire structure little by little, making sure that the moss is a little loose, since if you squeeze it too much, the succulents will not easily enter when you go to put them on. It is very likely that while you are putting the moss it will turn out that it comes out a little from the sides, but it does not matter because later you can put it back in until it is firm in the structure.
  2. When you have the moss well distributed throughout the structure, take the pot with the largest succulent and place it on the moss through the central hole. You should put a little water on the moss so that it compacts little by little, what the water does is that it expands it (increases its size) and this will allow the pot to be much more fixed to it.
  3. It is at this point where you can let your ingenuity and creativity flow freely. You are going to proceed to put the small succulents in the moss trying to cover the entire surface of the wire bunny. In my case, what I did was try to accommodate them by shaping their eyes, nose, mouth and where I considered that they looked very pretty. Putting them on is very simple, you just have to help yourself with a tool that allows you to open small holes, there are some special ones for this or you can use your ingenuity and resort to what is within your reach and allows you to carry out this process. Once you have the holes located and open, you should only put the succulents inside them, being very careful not to spoil them, but making sure to fix them very well to the moss.


It looked beautiful … right? Now you just have to take into account some future care to keep it always beautiful and radiant. You must water it permanently , this can be done using a spray to moisten the moss between the succulents, this way it will always be fresh and healthy.

With the passage of time these succulents will take root, and not only that, because being Sempervivum (Immortelle) they tend to spread, therefore they will cover the entire surface of the wire structure, which means that in a short time In time you will have a bunny completely covered in beautiful succulents.

Very good … if you followed my recommendations and this step by step that I just gave you, at this moment you will be appreciating your beautiful decorative succulent bunny. Now imagine the place where it will look best, you are ready to fill your space with magic, beauty, light, color and a lot of life.

What do you think about it? Without a doubt it is a very simple, easy decoration, without any mystery and that you can do at any time and place, but the result will make you shine. Go ahead and do many more, other animals, other shapes or other figures, succulents are such beautiful and versatile plants, which lend themselves to making hundreds of beautiful decorations and with the bases that I have just taught you you can explore, devise and elaborate all the decorative elements that you can think of with them.

I hope that everything I shared here has been very useful for you and you have realized how easy it can be to make decorative elements with these magnificent plants, you just need a little ingenuity and creativity to get the most out of it (in good meaning of the word) of these beautiful plants.

Until next time!

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