Grow aloe

Grow a potted aloe vera plant

To grow a potted aloe vera plant you can simply buy it in the nursery, possibly asking that it be in organic soil and that it has been grown biologically, because we want its content to be completely natural. Otherwise, this plant can be multiplied in two ways: by cuttings (in case you already have another one) or by seed. Sowing should ideally take place in March, in soils for fatty soils and at a temperature of about 20 ° C. Aloe in fact grows spontaneously in temperate climates, where temperatures remain between 20 ° C and 30 ° C. When the pot becomes narrow, it is necessary to proceed with repotting, preferably in spring: the ideal pot for an aloe is wider than high, since the roots do not grow very deep. To regulate,

Propagate aloe by cuttings

Propagating aloe by cuttings is, in theory, a simple procedure. In practice, the slightest mistake can invalidate the entire operation. Propagation by cuttings involves, in short, the removal of a portion of the plant complete with roots, which is replanted in another soil and will grow independently, becoming an adult plant.To do this, you need an extremely sharp and disinfected blade. With this we will remove an outermost leaves of our aloe, making sure that a portion of the root remains attached to it. The wound of the plant will naturally heal, while it is necessary to let the leaf rest in the dark for a week for its wound to heal. At this point we can plant it in a new pot, with a mixed soil of peat and sand. After about a year,

Care of an aloe plant

Caring for an aloe plant is so simple that you risk making mistakes due to overzealousness. First of all, it is necessary to water very rarely, and being careful not to wet the leaves but only the soil: this plant is in fact at ease in dry and well-drained soils. For this, the ideal pot is equipped with numerous holes for the drainage of water. It is also a typical plant of temperate climates, therefore it survives well if exposed to the sun and at a temperature between 20 ° C and 30 ° C: in the winter months, therefore, it is good to bring it indoors. As for pruning, this plant does not need it. However, it is a plant that does not grow in height, so when new leaves are born they propagate vertically, pushing the others outwards, which will have a horizontal position and can get dry. In this case it is necessary to remove them, but with extreme delicacy and with a disinfected blade. Also for this reason it may be useful to occasionally remove a few leaves to create cuttings.

Grow aloe: Extract the gel from aloe vera

To extract the gel from aloe vera we will first have to detach a leaf from the plant: this procedure is the same as when we detach a leaf for propagation by cuttings. We choose one of the outermost leaves, make a slight incision at the root using a sharp and well disinfected knife. By pulling, the leaf should come off spontaneously. At this point the operation is simple: we remove the edges of the leaf, that is the part with the thorns, and then the flat part of the leaf. At this point what we are faced with is the gel, and we simply have to scrape it off with a knife or spoon. This gel can be stored in the fridge for up to two weeks, after which you will notice a change in color and smell as it will start to rot.

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