How to Make a Beautiful and Simple Succulent Terrarium

I don’t know if you knew it, but succulents are classified within the group of ornamental plants and this is precisely due to their great beauty; You can use them not only to beautify your garden but also to decorate your home.

The good news is that we ourselves can make beautiful terrariums to enhance the beauty of these plants in a very simple way and using materials that are available to everyone, so we can have a decorative element at home that will give a very special touch to each corner. where they are going to be . So, without further ado, I will teach you the secret to achieving it with the simplest technique you can find.

First of all you must make sure you get all the materials that I will describe below and as I already mentioned, they will all be within your reach, as they are easily available and at very affordable prices, now … go for them!

Material’s list

  1. 3mm glass (special for this type of crafts).
  2. Cut glass with motor oil (oil is essential for the tool to slide very well when making the cut).
  3. Marker and ruler (the one you have at home will surely do).
  4. Template for 5×5 terrarium.
  5. Sandpaper (the finest you can get).
  6. Copper tape to cover the edges.
  7. Soldering iron and tin.
  8. Gloves for handling glass.

Once you have all the materials ready, now you can proceed to the elaboration following each of the following instructions step by step.

Procedure for making the terrarium

  1. Crystal Cut

Don’t worry, it can be much easier than it seems, you just have to be careful and precise. The first thing you should do is have your template ready to draw on the glass, placing it so that you waste as little as possible this material.

The template is a square that you must make with specific measures of 5 × 5, you will need two of these complete squares, another three with a variation and that is that you will have to cut one of its corners to each one (all with the same measurement) and finally a triangle that fills in the gap created by these three bezels.

You must accommodate them, making the most of the space, one followed by the other, something similar to what the following image shows to make the most of the glass sheet.


When you have the templates well located, take the ruler and start drawing each of them on the glass, specifying the measurements very well and making sure that the lines are very straight. Once this is done you can proceed to cut.

Now, if you want to get a very good cut and without so much trouble, keep the following recommendations in mind:

  • Whenever you are going to handle the glass, do not forget to wear the gloves to protect your hands, you do not want any unfortunate accidents to happen.
  • It is essential to put motor oil (whatever you have) in the glass cutter before using it, so that it glides smoothly on the surface to be cut, without a doubt this will greatly facilitate your work.
  • When you are going to use the glass cutter it is very important that you take into account the position you give it, that is, you will need it to be slightly inclined on the surface (not completely), you will do this so that the wheel runs easily and with a firm and continuous movement you can very successfully obtain an excellent cut.
  1. Sand the edges of the glass

Remember not to skip this step, it is very important! After you have cut each of the pieces, you are going to sand all its edges to avoid accidents with your hands and not to damage the copper tape that you will have to glue later.

The sandpaper you use must be very fine and the easiest way you can polish the glass will be by putting the sandpaper on a flat and firm surface, and then rub each of the edges of these pieces on it, making sure that there is no no sharp edge. Before continuing with the next step, you should also realize that you clean the crystals very well since when you polish them, a dust remains on them that if you leave it there it will complicate you a little to put the tape later.

  1. Cover the edges of the glass with copper tape

This step is very simple. Take your copper tape and you will notice that one of its sides comes with a glue that will easily adhere to the glass. All you have to do is start by putting the tape on one end of the piece and slide along all its edges until they are all covered, apply pressure as you put the tape and this will give it greater fixation on the glass.

  1. Assembling the terrarium

Now everything begins to take shape, but before starting to join the pieces, make sure to arrange them edge to edge and not one on the other, this will make it easier to weld the structure later. Then, with great care and patience, begin to join the pieces, fixing them with a little paper tape that will be removed later. It is almost like putting together a lego, the important thing is that each piece fits perfectly with the other until the desired structure is obtained.

  1. Weld the structure

I’m not really the most expert in the art of welding, which means that if I could do it, you certainly will too. Investigating a little about it, I found something very important to take into account before starting and that is that the soldering iron must be very clean so that it can glue the tin well and it does not cost so much to melt it. To clean it, I followed one of the tips provided by the internet and it worked, you just have to put a scouring pad in a small container and pass the tip of the soldering iron several times there, in this way you will get your soldering iron to be impeccable and ready to be used.

What you will do next is to put small solder points inside the structure to secure all its parts. You can start on the triangle and then in each of the remaining corners, remember to always do it from the inside to ensure that your terrarium looks very good aesthetically.

Once you have put all the solder points, you will notice that it will not look very nice if you leave the solder in view, so what you can do is take a little more copper tape and cover those edges again to cover the imperfections. , so your structure will be at the height of the beautiful succulents that you will put inside it.

  1. Arrange the succulents inside the terrarium

All your work will pay off in this last step and you will have the enormous satisfaction of duty accomplished. Select the succulents that you like the most, in the colors, shapes and size you prefer; I put three of the prettiest I found in red and green, a perfect contrast to prevent the terrarium from looking a bit flat, also have some small white stone on hand to decorate, the rest will be to let your creativity flow.

Start by putting the soil inside (in my case I used the same soil where they were already sown), with a little of this it will be enough to cover the base of the glass structure evenly, later you can transplant the succulents there inside with great care. do not go to spoil them (keep in mind to fix the plants very well), then decorate around them with white pebbles and… that’s it! You will have thus finished your beautiful terrarium.

Finally, place it in a visible place as it will surely fill this space with beauty and charm.

I have no doubt that after making this terrarium you will feel very proud of having made it yourself and you will be left with much more desire to make others, so here I will continue with new and better ideas, sharing all my knowledge about it with you. See you soon!

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