Improve your digestion, heartburn and reflux with aloe vera

As we have already seen in other articles, aloe vera provides us with multiple benefits for the treatment of burns and wounds , how it is a powerful anti-acne , how it hydrates and cares for our hair , eliminates dark circles , stretch marks,  many oral problems and many more benefits.

All this is possible thanks to its amazing composition, but in the case of the stomach and in general the entire digestive system , it is the B-complex vitamins, the enzymes and anthraquinones present in the aloe vera gel, which will help us to treat any digestive problem, stomach disorder or intestinal transit problems such as constipation or diarrhea.

Aloe vera will help us to reduce and eliminate ailments or inflammations in the entire digestive system, as well as heal and heal gastric and duodenal ulcers thanks to aloemodin and allomithin.

Goodbye to heartburn and reflux thanks to aloe vera

One of the most common stomach-related problems is heartburn or reflux. We already know how uncomfortable and annoying this condition is, but now you can solve it effectively through the consumption of aloe vera , which will help us to carry out proper digestion and minimize the sensation of heartburn.

An inadequate diet, an excess of feeding, eating too fast, being overweight, going to bed immediately after eating, excess coffee, alcohol, spicy food or with excess fat, strong seasonings, consumption of soft drinks … or a lot of stress , are factors related to heartburn.

You have to be attentive to heartburn, since this is commonly the beginning of reflux esophagitis and especially if you also have a hiatal hernia . Chemical treatments with drugs such as Omeprazole relieve symptoms, but they cannot be taken for long periods as they could bring us side effects in the medium or long term, so that natural treatments gradually take over the chemicals.

The anthraquinones in the pulp of aloe vera act on the entire digestive system, but in the case of acidity, aloe reduces the inflammation caused by acidity from the throat and esophagus to the stomach itself, repairing the damage caused by gastritis, heartburn. and acidity.

Note: If you do not have access to the aloe vera pulp in its most natural form, that is, the leaf itself. Here is a product tested by myself, that works and is quite reasonably priced:

The healing properties of pure aloe vera gel will regenerate the gastric mucosa, but as if that were not enough, it will attack any stomach infection thanks to its ability to eliminate toxins, balance the PH of the stomach and improve the drainage of bile.

Treatment of hiatal hernia with aloe vera

As we have said before, most digestive system problems have their origin in a bad diet, so to cure any of our digestive diseases we need to improve this aspect and eat in a balanced way by adding foods such as vegetables, grains. , fruits and of course aloe vera .

Aloe vera is one of the most versatile natural remedies to treat problems in our body, and hiatal hernia is one of them. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory power, it will reduce the inflammations that cause us pain, its analgesic capacity will alleviate the pain caused by inflammation and irritation, its bactericidal capacity will prevent infections and if that were not enough, it will help us to regenerate tissues of the esophagus, which can end these annoying hiatal hernias .

Aloe vera for gastric ulcer healing

If you suffer from gastric ulcers, you know the discomfort that they produce and the difficulty in obtaining those medications that we are highly recommended to alleviate the uncomfortable and painful effects that gastric ulcers produce. Normally these drugs, in case of eliminating the ulcers, do so temporarily as they reappear. More and more population is opting for natural treatments to cure diseases and the case of gastric ulcers could not be less. These increasingly widespread treatments use plants such as aloe vera, which offers results quickly and effectively.

There are many years in which aloe is a method even used by naturopathic doctors to cure gastric ulcers, as patients treated with aloe vera juice heal their ulcers in a large percentage. In addition, a high degree of tissue regeneration is verified thanks to the rapid healing of the mucous membranes, endotheliums and epithelia

Aloe vera juice is ideal for those patients with eating disorders, where food high in fat, spicy, and other acidic or citrus foods abound. These ulcer patients with poor eating habits manage to make digestion easier and normalize the PH, also reducing the proliferation of yeasts, digestive bacteria and in general, they manage to regulate the processes of the intestine.

But as if that were not enough, as we said before, patients manage to control reflux and acidity so that the feeling of well-being in the digestive system is completed and prevents new ulcers from being created since acidity and reflux produce ideal conditions for the appearance of stomach ulcers and hiatal hernia.

How to improve intestinal transit thanks to aloe vera

Saying that the aloe vera plant has multiple properties for our body will be repetitive, but we never tire of doing it, since it has more than hundreds of beneficial elements for the body. It contains minerals, enzymes, vitamins, proteins and essential amino acids that make aloe vera a great ally against intestinal problems, eliminating constipation and even diarrhea.

Normally, problems in intestinal transit cause discomfort, but to a certain degree they can become dangerous to our health due to nausea, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, inflammation and other discomfort that can occur.

The most likely causes of constipation are stress, dehydration and a diet lacking in fiber , but it could also be a consequence of taking certain drugs, lack of physical activity or due to the aging of our body.

Without a doubt, its laxative properties are one of the best known and oldest in its use . Its ability to purge, purify and regulate the intestinal flora are the properties that are most evident, since the results are appreciated almost immediately , however, the use of aloe should be more preventive than corrective since the best results are achieved in the medium or long term.

While chemical laxatives attack only constipation, aloe vera also addresses the causes so it will not only facilitate short-term evacuation, but will prevent constipation from occurring again .

Finally, aloe vera regenerates intestinal cells and damaged tissues after a period of constipation, providing extra nutrients to return them to their normal state.

Home remedy with aloe vera for the stomach

If you want to take advantage of the healing properties of aloe vera in the stomach, it is evident that you have to ingest it, so making juice with aloe vera gel is a great idea. We will use this aloe vera gel to make juices combined with other ingredients in a homemade way.

I propose a recipe, although you can always buy the juices already prepared, because today there is a wide variety of aloe vera juices on the market like the ones I recommended above:

  • Green Frog Organic Aloe Vera Juice With Pulp 1L
  • Pure Aloe – Aloe vera juice

Aloe Vera and lemon juice is a perfect juice for those hot days, since the citrus taste of lemon quenches thirst and refreshes, but the most important thing is the properties and benefits for your digestive system.


  • 1 Aloe Vera leaf
  • 1 tablespoon of honey (10 ml)
  • The juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 cup of water (250 ml)


Obtain the aloe vera gel with a knife or spoon from a fresh leaf, add this crystal of aloe along with the lemon juice, water and honey to the blender.

Mix the ingredients well until you have a homogeneous result, then you can drink it. If you want to give it a fresher touch, add some ice to the blender and you will have a delicious, healing and refreshing drink.

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