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Succulents acquire even more beauty when placed in earthenware or terracotta pots. Often the set of these jars forms a small garden in our homes, made more lively by these compositions. However, if we have a little imagination and dexterity we can make our vases without spending money, recycling objects recovered in the attic. By doing so we will give vent to our imagination and a hand to the environment. You can also create a beautiful green wall with your cacti placed in salvaged pots, such as old cups or old glasses. In short, nothing is ever thrown away for the series! These recovered compositions can be displayed on a piece of furniture, or be placed in a corner of the house where there is light.

Fat plants

Succulents are defined as all those plants that have the ability to store liquids in tissues, a liquid that allows them to withstand even the driest temperatures. Succulents are also called succulent plants, a term that best identifies them. Succulents do not all belong to the same family but are divided into various species. The best known are those of the cactus family. Cacti are fascinating plants, as in spring, they bloom with flowers that are incredible both in color and in size. It is hard to believe that such beautiful flowers are hidden among those thorns. Succulents also have the advantage of not being very expensive, if you buy them in small sizes, the cost does not go beyond the euro,

Pots for succulents

Which pots to use for our succulents? It is the question we all ask ourselves when we buy them. Is it better to use earthenware or plastic pots? What size should the pots be for our small or large plants? We usually buy our seedlings in tiny plastic pots that are fine for a few months. After we have to think about repotting them and therefore choose the right soil and the right size of the pot. The choice is entirely personal. Plastic pots are cheaper, simpler and impact resistant, intended to be used over time. The earthenware pots, on the other hand, are more expensive, heavier, break and splinter but have the advantage of allowing the roots of the plant to transpire, but drying up the soil more quickly. Succulents grow very slowly, they take years before reaching high dimensions, therefore they can also be kept in smaller pots but, no one forbids us to repot them in larger pots. Also beautiful are the mini pots with succulents that can be used as a favor for any occasion.

DIY vases

We can buy the pots for our succulents, in shops specializing in gardening objects or in any gift shop or furniture but, this would affect our budget a lot. The cost of the pots can vary greatly depending on the materials used. If we bought a crystal vase, for example, we would spend quite a lot of money compared to a glass vase. To obviate these expenses we can use crystal vases or glasses that we keep stored in a glass cabinet without ever using them. What better occasion? Go to a specialized shop to buy everything you need to create your own green corner. With little expense and a lot of imagination you will create a small masterpiece.

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