Succulent plant with red flowers

Succulent plant with red flowers: the Cleistocactus

Cleistocactus is a succulent plant with a cylindrical stem, erect and crossed by very thin longitudinal ribs. The flowers generally bloom in the warmer seasons and are concentrated in the apical portion of the plant. Their peculiarity consists in being narrow, tubular and never completely hatch. Unfortunately, it takes a long time to see the wonderful Cleistocactus flowers because they are born only when the plant is at least ten years old. To ensure proper growth, the plant must be placed in an environment full of sun, light and sheltered from freezing currents. Like most succulents, Cleistocactus also needs to be watered in moderation and only when the soil is completely dry.

Succulent plant with red flowers: the Schlumbergera

The Schlumbergera or Christmas cactus is a succulent plant of the Cactaceae family coming from the tropical areas of America and widespread above all in Brazil. The main feature of this species is that it blooms in the coldest periods of the year and, if cultivated with care, it can survive for over thirty years. The plant needs a good level of humidity but you have to be very careful not to water it too often and never in broad daylight. The best advice is to spray a little water on the leaves using a nebulizer in order to avoid water stagnation at the level of the roots. The Schlumbergera does not need direct light nor too much heat, so it is always good to place it in a shady, cool place away from heat sources.

Succulent plant with red flowers: the Kalanchoe

The kalanchoe belongs to a genus of succulent plants of the Crassulaceae and is distinguished from other types of succulents in that its flowering lasts a very long time. The plant does not require special attention and watering should only be done when the soil begins to dry out. This beautiful plant prefers light but grows well even in dim light, as long as it is exposed to the sun for at least a couple of hours a day and especially in winter. The root system is poorly developed and therefore it is preferable to choose a shallow container, filled with universal soil and sand. Those who want a succulent plant with red flowers will certainly be satisfied with the Kalanchoe because its many flowers always ensure a continuous show.

Succulent plant with red flowers: Portulaca

A succulent plant with truly fascinating red
flowers is certainly Portulaca which comes from South America, but it is also frequently found in some areas of Australia and North America. The stem is red, is very fleshy and with many branches, while its leaves are light green, cylindrical and characterized by a series of white tufts that branch off from the ends. In autumn, the first flowers appear which look like tiny succulent roses and open during the night. For excellent flowering it is preferable to expose the plant to light for a few hours a day, keeping it away from excessive cold and keeping the soil constantly drained but not too moist because stagnation at the root level could occur.

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