Succulents diseases

Succulents: here are the most common diseases

Succulents are not difficult to care for and, moreover, they are very beautiful from an aesthetic point of view. For this reason, there are many in the homes of many people who love to take care of them with a lot of love and dedication. However, it is good to know that plants can get sick for many reasons. Therefore, it is clear that those who have a general and basic knowledge of succulents and their diseases will have a better chance of treating them in the best possible way when a pathology appears. First of all, it is important to know that plant parasites are divided into four groups: fungi, bacteria, viruses and mycoplasma. Vegetable parasites can cause many diseases: helminthosporiosis, fusarium, root and collar rot, rhizotic rot, Pythium Sp rot, Phytophthora rot, Conioothyrium necrosis,

Succulents: common causes of diseases

Before understanding the reasons why a succulent plant can get sick, it is essential to know the characteristics of this plant. The succulent plant is born and grows above all in deserts, it is characterized by the fact that it independently manages to accumulate water inside it. As a result, succulents don’t need a lot of water to survive. It is clear, however, that when a plant is moved to a place other than its natural and ideal environment it can be subject to problems. If it is not exposed to sunlight correctly, it risks getting sick as it should not be placed in a rigid environment.All this helps us, therefore, to understand that atmospheric conditions are very important and, therefore,

Succulents: how to recognize the disease

When a plant has a disease it can be recognized thanks to several factors. First of all, don’t forget to always take a look at the color. If the plant has a color that is no longer green but has shifted to yellow then there is something wrong. This could all be because you have watered your plant too many times. In this case the only thing to do is to limit this operation and see, after some time, if the plant regains the green color it had before. If, on the other hand, a plant has been attacked by parasites, the advice is to contact specialized shops and buy products that can defeat the parasites. It is not always possible to save the plant, if it has split due to the cold there

Succulents diseases: Succulents: how to prevent the appearance of diseases

To prevent a plant from drying out, there are some precautions that can be used to prevent the appearance of diseases. If you know the characteristics of the succulent plant, you also understand that you must make it live in an appropriate place, where there is a good amount of light and, above all, where the temperatures are not too rigid. Furthermore, even when a fungus appears, it is good not to abuse in the use of other products. You always have to find the right balance between these products and watering. In case you notice the presence of broken leaves it is important to cut them. Finally, after some time (even after a year) it is useful to replace the soil and change the pot, in this way the plant is given the opportunity to feed itself better. If this operation, which takes the name of repotting,

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