Succulents favors

Why choose succulents as wedding favors

The choice of wedding favors is remembered by all as one of the most problematic phases in the organization of the wedding. The bride generally takes care of almost all the conception of the event, but as far as the wedding favors are concerned, many factors come into play; if the spouses generally manage to find an agreement between them, the future mothers-in-law are always very present in this decision-making phase; the spouses are therefore faced with the arduous task of finding an object pleasing to the guests while maintaining their intention of usefulness and personalization. Succulents are excellent favors, simple to make or buy already packaged, which allow you to find that meeting point between the new and old generations.

Which plants to choose

For the choice of succulents to transform into favors we are faced with multiple solutions. Almost all wedding favor shops allow the choice of plants to match the sugared almonds and provide the most appropriate packaging for the theme chosen for the event. If you opt instead for the “do it yourself” it will be advisable to contact a provided nursery explaining the need to have seedlings in excellent condition and of the same size; you can choose from many varieties of succulents that differ in the shape of the leaves, in the color and in the presence or absence of flowers. If you prefer a type of succulent plant, you can customize the container, the jar, the tulle of the sugared almonds, the packaging material or the writings to be associated.

How to turn them into wedding favors

The assortment of jars available on the market is vast, available in many shapes and many colors. White ceramic remains the most elegant choice, in this case you can customize the shape according to the chosen theme for the wedding or opting for figures that evoke romanticism. The colored jars can instead reflect the shades of the bride’s bouquet, tablecloths or the theme chosen for the wedding. A further alternative is to use any type of glass container or to make colored scraps of fabric with which to wrap the plant by tying it with silk ribbons. The sugared almonds will be packaged together with the plant or offered separately with a cheerful sugared almond.

Succulents favors: How to arrange the plants

One last decision remains: how to deliver the favors. In most cases this happens at the end of the celebrations by the spouses to the guests who are returning home; alternatively they can be found already positioned as a placeholder at the guests’ table or at the entrance to the reception with indications regarding the assigned table. Whatever the choice, the important thing is that they are in total harmony with the rest of the decorations, after all they are plants! The name of the couple and the date of the event can be inserted in the composition using cards with the colors and the character of the invitations previously delivered to the guests; you can also add a sentence explaining the choice of the plan according to the spouses’ taste.

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