Succulents flowers

The Flowers of Succulents

They appear infrequently, sometimes bloom after 25 years of the plant’s life. They are the flowers of succulents. Jewels of botany. Sometimes they are small colored crowns, sometimes large spots of color, never banal. They are flowers that appear strong, but are instead very delicate. They fade quickly, normally never lasting more than 48 hours, sometimes just a day. In the maritime areas, on the Mediterranean coasts, you can admire gigantic Agaves, but they are rarely seen in bloom, and when it happens, know that within two months that plant, which for twenty years has tried to survive in the sand and stones , gonna die. The agave flower is somewhat the symbol of all the flowers of succulents. A flower that reaches 5 or 6 meters in height, which looks like a tree, with yellow puffs. A flower expected twenty ‘

Flowers of succulents, these strangers

Except for enthusiasts, succulents, and consequently their flowers, are unknown to most. These plants love to blend in with their surroundings, as in the case of Ariocarpus fissuratus (Ariocarpo) which takes on the color of the soil. Its stocky, small but leathery body takes almost 40 years to reach 4 or 5 cm in diameter. It is impossible to see it, it blends perfectly with the stones in which it lives. It is impossible to notice it except when it blooms. Then it becomes a traffic light in the desert. Its flower, which dominates it, is a fuchsia pink color, which shines under the powerful sun rays of the Mexican desert. This plant contains toxic alkaloids. It produces a beautiful flower and is poisonous. The combination of beauty / danger is inherent in succulents,

The great flowers of the desert

The flowers of succulents never cease to amaze. They have shapes and sizes of all kinds and sizes. They range from the very small crowns of the Mamillaria, which are made up of small flowers of a few millimeters in diameter, to the flowers of the Hylocereus undatus. A cactus whose name is “queen of the night”, as its flower is one of the largest among cacti and opens in the evening. White in color, it reaches up to 30 cm in height and almost as much in diameter. Its flower looks like a fringed bell. A huge yellow pistil comes out from inside. From this plant comes the “dragonfruits” or dragon fruit. Another big-flowered succulent is Echinopsis. A fairly common plant, one of the most popular among collectors. Its flowers easily reach 20 cm in diameter,

Succulents Flowers: Let’s not forget the little ones among the flowers of succulents

We have seen the giants among the flowers of succulents, now let’s consider the other world, that of the little ones. Less flashy, perhaps, certainly all to be discovered. Among the most common we find the flowers of the Calancoe. They are of various colors: white, pink, salmon, red. They have a solid or shaded color. These small flowers, which do not exceed 5 mm in diameter, are four-petalled pointed and come out of the plant in clusters. Another plant that has very small inflorescences is the Aptenia cordifolia. Its flowers appear in late spring and last until late summer. They are of different colors, according to the variety of the plant. Slightly larger than those of the Calncoe, however, they do not reach 8 mm in diameter. They are usually so small that a bee is bigger than them.

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