Succulents gardens

How to create a succulent garden

The suitable area to create our succulent plant garden must be sunny. The soil that will host them will have to be a mixture of earth, rocks, pieces of wood and sand to recreate their natural habitat. If we have children or animals in the house, it will be good to enclose it to prevent them from coming into contact with the thorns of plants that could injure them. You can choose to place rocks inside the garden where succulents can grow. This solution is particularly suited to their nature by recreating that original natural environment as are the arid areas of Central and South America. In our succulent garden we will have the possibility to choose them for their color, size and flowering.

Which succulents to choose

The most common garden succulent is the cactus. Of this plant there are three thousand species and more than one hundred and twenty genera. You can indulge yourself in the choice of shapes and colors. They have hooked spines and their shape varies according to growth. They can have a column stem that can reach up to twenty meters in height or they can be spherical and grow in width. Their characteristic is that they can adapt to living even at low temperatures. Agave: there are three hundred different species. It has a short stem and numerous stubby and fleshy leaves. It blooms in the summer months and when it blooms it dies, leaving its place to other plants born from its suckers or flowers. The Aizoaceae are native to South America and Asia. They have adapted well to the Mediterranean climate by turning their leaves into thorns.

How to care for a succulent garden

To have a healthy and lush garden of succulents, just follow small rules. In summer it will be necessary to water two or three times a week. This operation must be carried out in a shower to simulate rain. It will be necessary to pay attention to the stagnations of water that are harmful to these plants, even leading them to death. In winter it will be good to fertilize the soil, an operation that we can carry out no later than March. So we will prepare the plant for the spring period, giving it the necessary nourishment in the period of its greatest growth and flowering. The choice will fall on liquid fertilizers that are more assimilable by the soil. In spring it is good to carry out pesticide treatments to avoid that the plants, in the summer period, are attacked by cochineal.

Succulents gardens: Benefits of a succulent garden

The result that we can achieve by having a succulent garden will be amazing. These plants have a particular beauty, an incredible ornamental value. There are also many positives to consider. They keep the environment tidy, saving us from tedious and time-consuming maintenance. They do not get dirty, as they are not subject to leaf shedding. They do not need pruning and due to their longevity they will always look neat and clean. They do not require special care, they rarely get sick and a few tricks will be enough to keep them in good health. The soil where they are grown will not require mulching. These plants have deep roots that seek for themselves the necessary nutrition in the soil. Being tropical plants they do not need continuous watering and in winter,

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