Water succulents

Watering succulents: guide to take care of them better

Plants are living beings and as such they need care and attention. Each plant has its own characteristics and needs, which should not be neglected when you decide to buy it. Plants that are particularly in need of care are also and above all succulents. Although these have a structure that can withstand high temperatures, they still require water for their survival. Watering succulents should generally be done once or twice a month, making sure that the entire surface of the soil is wet, so as to get the water in a balanced way and not in a single point. It is a good idea to start watering the plants from the end of winter, and then stop between the end of August and November. If these rains in the indicated period,

Water the succulents.

There are general aspects to consider when it comes to watering succulents so that your plant grows lush and strong. First of all, you need to check what type of vase you use because, depending on the material, water can have different reactions. For example, if you use an earthenware pot, it should be borne in mind that the water also evaporates through the walls, which is not the case for a pot made of plastic or more resistant materials. When the plant has not been repotted for a long time, it will require more water than a recently repotted plant. It is also necessary to take into account the plant’s exposure since if it is in constant sun exposure, it will consume more water and therefore will need to be watered more often. An example is the placement on a terrace or greenhouse.

Water the succulents and know how to recognize them

Before watering succulents, it is good to know that these can also be called succulents, enclosing more than thousands of species and subspecies. The most important families are cactaceae and non-cactaceae. The former, with over three thousand species, are used for the most part as ornamental and easily recognizable plants such as the cactus, while the non-cacti have a different structure and are less thorny. As for the watering of these succulents, the cacti in the resting period tend to lose their roots and therefore wetting them in that period would be lethal for the plant as it is not able to absorb water. Their period of greatest flourishing is between early spring and early summer, stopping their activity at the end of August.

Watering succulents: With what to water succulents

To water succulents it is not recommended to use a watering can unless the size of the pot does not exceed 20cm in diameter. If not, the strong jet could spoil and uncover the plant’s roots. The use of the hose is the best solution as it is possible to regulate the water jet even if fertilizers and insecticides cannot be mixed with it. Another method is that of immersion in basins in such a way as to completely wet all the soil of the plant. If you have recently taken a succulent plant and therefore its dimensions are small or its pot is small, it is advisable to use a nebulizer so as not to damage it and water it over the entire surface, adding substances inside the instrument to the cure of cactacea or non-cactacea.

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