+10 plants to put near swimming pools

When the warm temperatures begin to make the presentation of what is probably an incredible summer, the desire to get in the pool only increases. But, if you also want to give that corner a new touch, putting plants around it, either on the stairs or by the pool, and you don’t know which ones to put, you’ve come to the right place.

There are many plants that we can put around the bathroom area. So many that we will separate them by type and make a selection so that you can choose the ones you like the most. And so, make your summer corner a very attractive place for the whole family.

Selection of plants to improve the privacy of the pool

The ideal plants to decorate the pool are those that, in general, are not very large except for trees and conifers. If we want to have more privacy, it is best to place evergreens, vines or conifers. For example:


The most suitable trees to put near – not next to – the pool are those with non-invasive roots and that do not get very dirty (or that, at least the leaves and/ or fruits that fall are easy to remove), like these:

Laurus nobilis

Image – Wikimedia/ Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz

The Laurus nobilis, known as laurel or lauro, is a tree or tree perennifolio 5 to 10 meters. Its glass is very dense, formed by lanceolate and somewhat aromatic leaves, which is why they are widely used in the kitchen. It resists frosts down to -7ºC.

Ligustrum lucidum

Image – Flickr/ Mauricio Mercadante

The Ligustrum lucidum, known as privet or privet, is an evergreen tree that reaches a height of more than 15 meters. The leaves are opposite, dark green, and large, up to 15 centimeters long. Resists up to -18ºC.

Magnolia grandiflora

Image – Wikimedia/ Ianaré Sévi

The Magnolia grandiflora, known as magnolia or magnolia, is an evergreen tree that reaches 35 meters in height and begins to branch low. Its leaves are very large, as are its flowers, which are white and up to 20 centimeters in diameter. It resists frosts up to 18ºC.


Climbing plants are plants that can be used to get a screen that guarantees the privacy of the area. But in addition to leaves, there are many that also produce showy flowers, like these:

Jasminum officinale

The Jasminum officinale, known as Common Jasmine or Jasmine moorish, is a climbing evergreen that reaches 6 meters high. Its leaves are compound, and have between five and nine green leaflets. The flowers are white, and give off a soft but very pleasant aroma. It resists frosts down to -4ºC.

Passiflora caerulea

Image – Wikimedia/ Nahu FF

The Passiflora caerulea, known as passionflower, passion flower or blue passionflower, is an evergreen climber that can reach 20 meters in height. The leaves are palmate, green, and its flowers are about 8 centimeters in diameter. Resists up to -5ºC.

Trachelospermum jasminoides

Image – Flickr/ Cyril Nelson

The Trachelospermum jasminoides, known as star jasmine, helix jasmine or milk jasmine, is an evergreen climber that reaches a height of 7 meters. Its leaves are simple, oval to lanceolate, and of a beautiful dark green color on the upper side. Its flowers are white and highly perfumed. Resists up to -12ºC.


Conifers are those plants, usually evergreen, that closely resemble trees (in fact, they are usually included in the same group), but unlike these they do not produce showy flowers, and also their leaves are much thinner and leathery. Precisely for this reason, there are certain very interesting species to put near the pool, like these:

Abies alba

Image – Wikimedia/ Cyril Nelson

The Abies alba, known as common or spruce fir, a conifer evergreen that reaches a height of between 20 and 50 meters. Its trunk is columnar, and its pyramidal crown whose base reaches six meters in diameter. It resists freezes down to -18ºC.

Cupressus sempervirens

The Cupressus sempervirens, known as the common cypress or Mediterranean cypress, is an evergreen conifer that reaches a height of 25 to 30 meters, although it can reach 42 meters, with a pyramidal shape. It does not produce showy flowers, but it does produce fruits, which are cones of about 3 centimeters in diameter. It resists freezes down to -18ºC.

Taxus baccata

Image – Wikimedia/ Philipp Guttmann

The Taxus baccata, known as black yew or common yew, is an evergreen conifer with a maximum height of 28 meters. Its leaves are lanceolate, dark green. It produces berry-shaped fruits of about 15mm in length, red in color. Resists up to -18ºC.

Selection of plants to decorate the pool

Once we have guaranteed privacy, we can go on to decorate our pool. Whether we have land around it, or built soil, we will opt for small plants, no more than two meters high. For example:

Cyperus papyrus

Image – Wikimedia/ pjt56 –

The Cyperus papyrus known as Papyrus, is a herbaceous perennial plant that forms dense thickets up to 6 meters high. Its stems are thin, and its leaves are very thin and long green. It resists frosts down to -3ºC.


The Lavandula, Lavender called, is a subarbusto or evergreen bush which can reach a height of up to 1 meter, although tolerated without problems pruning. Its flowers are lavender, and all of it is aromatic. It resists frosts down to -7ºC.

Phoenix roebellinii

Image – Wikimedia/ David J. Stang

The Phoenix roebellinii, known as the dwarf palm, is a palm with a single trunk that reaches 5 meters, but normally it does not exceed 2 meters. Its leaves are pinnate, up to 140 centimeters long, and its trunk is thin. It resists frosts down to -4ºC.


The roses are usually evergreen thorny bushes that reach a height of 1-1.5 meters. Its stems are thorny, and they produce flowers of various colors, many of which are fragrant. They require pruning, but are otherwise good to maintain. They resist frosts down to -12ºC.

Yucca desmetiana

La Yucca desmetiana es un arbusto pequeño

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