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10 centerpiece ideas for Christmas

The Christmas a very special time of year when we meet with our friends and family to celebrate a good meal together. In this scene you cannot miss a centerpiece , for that reason, in Friends of Gardening we are going to propose some ideas of Christmas centers with plants and flowers to inspire you.

Here we propose a mix of homemade, modern, original and rustic centerpieces for Christmas, some of them homemade and handmade. Discover 10 ideas for centerpieces for Christmas! Do not forget that to succeed you must unleash your creativity with whatever you have at hand: balls, branches, leaves, pinecones or candles . And enjoy dinner!

Oh, and don’t miss our 20 ideas to decorate with dry branches at Christmas , you are sure to love them!

What do you think of our list? What types of centers would you add? Now that Christmas is coming, don’t forget to get your Christmas flower and learn about poinsettia care .

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