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20 ideas to decorate with dry branches at Christmas

Decoration becomes a fundamental part of Christmas and there are more and more trends that inspire us when it comes to decorating the house. The use of branches for interior decoration is a great idea, since it combines recycling with a wide range of possibilities when it comes to decorating.

But, would you know how to paint dry branches? How to prepare dried trees for decoration? Or, how to make a Christmas tree out of dry branches? In Friends of Gardening we are going to offer you a wide gallery of images so that you can be inspired when decorating your home for Christmas. Here are 20 ideas to decorate with dry branches at Christmas!

Discover also 10 centerpieces for Christmas inspired by plants and nature, you will love them!

Next we will show you a small gallery of images that include original Christmas trees made with dry branches. Remember that you can currently find the sale of ready-made decorative dried trees in many places. But if you want to make something yourself, get inspired by this article and… Make your own decorations with DIY dried branches!

So far our list! Have you found any original ideas in this list of 20 ideas to decorate at Christmas with dry branches ? Do you want us to share your own creations? Comment and share your photos with us!

Oh, and if you have decided to buy or already have your poinsettia, properly inform yourself about poinsettia care .

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