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How to decorate the garden for a wedding?

If you are preparing a wedding in a garden, you will undoubtedly need some ideas to help you find the ideal theme to accompany you on this great day. In Friends of Gardening you will find arrangements and ornaments that can help you decorate the garden according to your own style. We will review between cheaper options, vintage , rustic or modern .

Here we explain how to decorate the garden for a wedding with ideas and photos so you can get inspired. Let’s go there!

Before you start: cleaning the garden

We cannot start decorating the garden for a wedding without first clearing the garden of weeds, seeding a lawn or using the lawnmower. We must be proactive and calculate the time it will take to have this previous work ready. Ideally, have the work done days before the wedding and do a final review the days before so that everything looks perfect.

Arch or altar table?

We must choose the place where we are going to place the arch that unites the couple on the wedding day. Depending on whether the act is civil or ecclesiastical, we may or may not include an altar table. It is important to be original and convey the essence of the couple in the bow, which can be floral, sheer fabrics, wood or any type of material imaginable. The arrival to the altar can also be prepared with an elegant carpet, flower petals or use an existing path .

Flower arrangements

Flowers undoubtedly radiate joy and happiness that is why they cannot be missing at a wedding. Although you can choose flowers that match the bouquet, you can also turn this decoration element around and choose flowers that contrast with the bouquet.

Also discover in Friends of Gardening the most beautiful flowers with their respective names and photos.

Another option is to create a chromatic game of colors such as: pink, white and fuchsia or white, blue and black. Follow your own style! You should also weigh the best option if you do not have many financial resources and want cheap ideas: for this you can try to adapt to the flowers already present in the garden to achieve a natural effect without spending a lot of money on flower arrangements.

Also note that, with small details on the chairs , you can achieve an effect, very elegant.

Garden lights

If the wedding is to be held at sunset and it is going to last until night, it will be essential to include lighting that accompanies the theme of the event. Chandeliers, led lights, lamps, torches, string lights etc. Look for ideas and colors that fit the general theme of the event. Here are some more elaborate ideas and some simpler ones.

The banquet

The banquet is another very special moment of a wedding and original centerpieces cannot be missing! Flowers, lights, scarves with oriental shapes … Get inspired to enjoy a unique evening. You must choose a flat terrain that destabilizes tables and chairs as little as possible. You should also carefully consider the choice of tablecloths for an outdoor environment.

Something special…

Finally, we encourage you to look for that « je ne sais quoi » detail that will make the wedding in this garden an unforgettable experience: the arrival, the music, the quality of the wine … Everything counts to offer the bride and groom a wonderful day and enjoy the at the same time of a green and energetic environment. Taking advantage of the advantages that the environment itself offers us will be the key to decorating the wedding in the garden.

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