Basic equipment for collecting mushrooms

More and more people are fond of mushrooms and those who venture into the forests to collect them every year. As we know, there are different times of the year to collect these mushrooms depending on the time of growth of each one. The vast majority of mushrooms tend to grow in the fall stage. However, there are also the so-called spring mushrooms. Searching for mushrooms is not an easy task so you do not have prior knowledge about them and the right material. Therefore, we are going to dedicate this article so that you know all the basic equipment for collecting mushrooms.

If you want to know what basic equipment to collect mushrooms you need, this is your post.

Importance of basic equipment for collecting mushrooms

Although this article is dedicated to the basic equipment to collect mushrooms, we must not forget the prior knowledge that we must have about the species that we are going to collect. There are many species of mushrooms that are toxic and are consumed by humans. This means that we have to have prior knowledge to be able to perfectly differentiate one species from another. And there are many mushrooms that belong to the same group and that have very similar characteristics. These mushrooms are the ones that give rise to confusion that can end in disasters.

If we combine ignorance with a lack of equipment, we have the necessary cocktail to fail in mushroom harvesting. For all this, the first thing we must do is have good information about the mushrooms that we are going to collect. Once we know the varieties and possible confusions that we are going to have, we will not know we will enter the forests to be able to enjoy the collection of wild mushrooms.

It should be borne in mind that to look for mushrooms and fungi you have to look very closely at some conditions both in the forest and the climate so as not to fall into overconfidence and not use adequate equipment. Usually this happens with amateurs who are starting in this activity. Some of the problems that we may encounter if we are not well equipped are strays, sprains or constipation. Let’s not forget that the natural habitats where mushrooms develop more easily require very high humidity. These humidity make the temperatures lower and we can get to catch a cold.

What elements does the basic equipment have to collect mushrooms

When we decide to go out to look for mushrooms and fungi we will need a basic equipment to collect mushrooms. The main tool of this equipment is the basket for mushrooms. It is a very useful tool that helps us to be able to store all the mushrooms that we are collecting and keep them safe. However, it can be seen that, today, not everyone uses it. It is necessary to carry a basket for mushrooms that also helps to allow the spread of the spores.

One of the main aspects why we must use the mushroom basket is that it keeps the edible mushrooms ventilated and protects them from possible blows. In this way, we ensure that the mushrooms arrive in good condition at our homes. If we do not get the mushrooms to come in good condition, we cannot enjoy these delicacies in their fullness. There are many people who use plastic bags or the like and they cause mushrooms to deteriorate quickly. It also increases the possibility of dangerous confusion with some toxic specimens that we have collected by mistake.

Mushroom baskets are more suitable than most cases as they help promote the spread of spores. And we must bear in mind that the gathering of wild mushrooms has to be a sustainable activity. This means that we cannot kill mushroom populations but we have to ensure that populations can continue to grow at a normal rate.

The two most suitable types of mushroom baskets are wicker or chestnut. There are also other models that are folding baskets or backpacks that adapt to the collection of mushrooms, these varieties can be interesting for some occasions in which they help us. For example, in exploratory outings, terrain more difficult to walk or if the trail requires us to travel a long distance.

Tools for collecting mushrooms

Another essential tool that should belong to the basic equipment to collect mushrooms is the razor. It is an instrument that helps us clean edible mushrooms before putting them in the basket. We must use cross sections to facilitate the identification of the mushroom and not to be confused with others that are toxic. It can also help to have a nice lunch in the bush.

Let’s not forget that an essential tool has to belong to our wardrobe. And it is that the way in which we are dressed and equipped to harvest mushrooms can also be fundamental. This is mainly because we must avoid possible injuries. One of the tools in the setero wardrobe are boots. It must be taken into account that for this hobby, long distances are traveled and sometimes we have severe environmental conditions. We can also find uneven or too wet terrain that makes us suffer a twist, slip or get our shoes wet.

At this time we can arrive had a cold and we do not want that. The most important aspects when choosing our boots is that it was very well based on our feet in particular. In addition, they must be waterproof boots but that help perspire at the same time. Boots are more recommended than mountain shoes as they help to hold the ankles much better in the event of a hypothetical twist. Humid places tend to cause a lot of slipping.

Given this situation, we also have another tool of the basic equipment to collect mushrooms, which is the cane. It is known as a hiking pole and they are ideal for their great lightness and ergonomics of the handle. In addition, it has the advantage of being foldable and facilitates its transport very well. It helps to move around the mountain reducing the risk of slipping. There are different models and we can choose what best suits us.

The raincoat is another of the necessary tools for the dressing room of the setero. And it can protect us from the rains and excess humidity. Last but not least, a good mountain GPS can help us a lot. It serves to guide us and easily return our vehicle but it also has options to save mushroom points and gravel routes.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the basic equipment for collecting mushrooms.

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