Spring mushrooms

It is customary to hear that mushrooms usually grow during the late summer and autumn time. However, there are numerous species of mushrooms that can grow at different times of the year. Today we are going to talk about spring mushrooms. These mushrooms are for many collectors the best of all since they are the first that can be seen. Not every year can be collected, since winter is not always rainy. Therefore, they make these mushrooms even more in demand.

In this article we are going to talk to you about everything you need to know about spring mushrooms.

Search for spring mushrooms

Depending on the rainfall you have had in winter, and even more so if there is good snowfall, it is an indication that there is going to be a good mushroom season. Hunting for mushrooms in spring is a real treat for fans of mycology. During spring, the mountain is full of splendor with numerous flowers, buds, pleasant temperatures, etc. This makes going to the gathering field quite an enjoyable activity.

The water that comes from rainfall and winter thaw are what feed and promote the growth of fungi and mushrooms. If these factors are perfectly fulfilled, we can find some perfect days to start the collection of mushrooms such as marzuelos, perrechicos, morels and other mushrooms.

It must be borne in mind that spring is usually a season with quite a few irregularities and fluctuations in temperatures. This can lead to the fact that various species of mushrooms did not even appear. Some of the most demanding in terms of environmental conditions are marzuelo and morel. There are seasons when it can only be found for a few days.

Although we name these mushrooms as spring mushrooms, they really start to appear from February and even January if they are years with quite high temperatures. As the frosts become less frequent from the coast towards higher elevations we can find a good development of mushrooms. Not all spring mushrooms appear at the same time. Its appearance is characterized by being quite staggered. In this way, it is possible to enjoy each species separately and to make several collections during the season.

The habitats of different species must also be taken into account for their correct collection. For example, outings can be made to collect dogs and footpaths. You can also go to the mountains for marzuelos or morels.

Most important species of spring mushrooms

We are now going to make a brief description of the most important and well-known spring mushrooms.


It is one of the spring mushrooms that is most appreciated by people who love to collect. It usually appears in pine, oak and beech groves and prefers more acid soils. It is quite in demand since it has a high content of probiotic substances that help our body to strengthen its defenses.

The marzuelo usually appears in certain points of the mountains. Sometimes we can find them under mosses and it is reputed that it can grow even under snow. They are among the first to come out during the spring season and, therefore, many of the animals eat them as soon as they appear.

In order to be able to collect a notable quantity of these mushrooms, you have to prepare to be faster than other animals such as squirrels, which are the ones that previously visualize these mushrooms and end up eating them.


This species of mushroom is considered the first of the year. It is one of the most desired by mushroom hunters and chefs who use it to create various types of dishes. These mushroom hunters do not count it by kg but by units. This reveals how difficult it is for morel to be collected.


It is also known as the Saint George mushroom. Other common names are bujarón, mansarón and blanquilla. This mushroom is known to perfume the spring as it is one of the most aromatic mushrooms that exist. They are usually found near herbs and grow in the same stands year after year. This serves so that connoisseurs of these setales can save them and point them as if it were a treasure map.

It is a mushroom that predominates in the ecosystems of the meadow, so we can also enjoy joyful walks and extraordinary views. It is one of the most beautiful to collect in the spring time.

Earth creature

It is considered the truffle of the poor. It is a hypogeal fungus endemic to some areas and it has become quite popular among mushroom pickers. This popularity has even reached some restaurants where they can make quite exquisite dishes. They tend to grow underground and you have to look pretty well at small lumps that they produce in the ground when they mature. Being more difficult to find they are much more valued.

Senderuelas, the nymph of the spring mushrooms

They are known as meadow nymphs and are spring mushrooms that adorn all meadows where there are purses nearby and marks in the grass. To notice the area where they develop, you have to notice that the color of the grass where it grows is changing a bit to a darker color. They can also be seen to appear marking rows or circles. The fairly frequent that they develop after abundant rains. They do not usually survive well when there is a fairly strong heat after a rain as it causes them to rot. Another negative effect that the environment has on it is that the wind can easily dry it out. Living in the middle of meadows they don’t have much protection from the trees.

You don’t have to worry too much about the wind, because if it rains they can come back to life.

Boletus pinícola

It is the first Boletus of the year. This mushroom stands out for being incredibly large, weighing several kilos. They are easily recognizable and attackable by insects, so we must hurry when collecting them. In just a few hours after harvesting they become almost useless.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about spring mushrooms.

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