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Cluster moth symptoms and treatment

The cluster moth is one of the most important pests that the vine can have. It multiplies very quickly, and feeding on grapes makes the harvests not as good as they should be. That is why it is necessary to identify it and know how to treat it.

So below I am going to tell you what are the symptoms/ damages that it produces and how to treat it.

What is it?

It is a moth whose scientific name is Lobesia botrana that attacks vine crops. It has three generations a year, and it can even be four if the climatic conditions are favorable. Its life cycle goes through different states:

  • Eggs: they are yellowish white or translucent, with gloss and reflections, and they measure less than 1mm. This phase lasts between 3 and 11 days.
  • Larvae: they are greenish in color, with a light brown head. They measure between 1mm and 1cm, passing through five larval stages. They move with some speed, and when they get disturbed they hang down with a silky thread.
    This phase lasts about 20-30 days.
  • Chrysalis: they usually hide in the bark of the vines, soil or bunches. They are difficult to see, as they are enveloped by a white cocoon with a silky sheen. They are half a centimeter long, and they are brown.
  • Adults: they have mottled wings, with dark brown spots alternating with light colors. They are about 6mm long and 12mm long. The males are somewhat smaller than the females. Live about 10 days.

What are the damages it produces?

The larvae feed on the berries, which can cause the harvest to be lost and/ or the quality of the grape to decline. In addition, they also affect flower buds, flowers and freshly set fruits. Therefore, at the slightest symptom or suspicion, the ideal is to treat the crops as soon as possible.

How is it treated?

As they are plants that produce edible fruits, we recommend the use of ecological and natural products, such as Bacillus thuringiensis, which is a beneficial bacterium that controls and eliminates the larvae of the cluster moth, thus preventing them from finishing their development. You can get it No products found..

I hope it has been useful to you.

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