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How to remove ketone from plants?

It is highly recommended (and even necessary) that in a garden and, above all, in an orchard there is a great variety of animal species, but the truth is that there are some that can cause some other problem. One of them is the one that belongs to the genus Cetonia.

It is a beetle that actually looks harmless, but it is worth keeping an eye on it and controlling its population. Here we tell you why.

What is it?

Cetonia is a genus of coleopterans originating in the temperate regions of Europe and America, being the C. aurata species the best known as it is the one that causes the most problems for plants, especially roses. Its size is small, about 20mm in length, and it has a coloration that can be metallic green, copper, bronze, violet, blue-blackish or gray.

The larvae have a wrinkled, C-shaped body, with a head and three very short pairs of legs.

What is its life cycle like?

The cycle lasts two years. The adults hatch in the fall or spring and mate, after which the female lays her eggs in decomposing organic matter and then dies. The larvae hibernate in the same place where they ‘hatched’, and pupate in early summer.

When fall or flower season returns, they will have grown into adults.

What damage does it cause to plants?

In general, it is not an insect that is a potential enemy of plant beings, but as we said, it can cause damage since they feed on flowers, tender shoots, leaves and fruits of plants, especially rose bushes, compound and umbelliferous (such as the parsley or fennel for example).

What to do to repel or eliminate it?

Image – Flickr/ miss Murasaki

Home remedies

  • We can spray the plants and surroundings with white vinegar three times a week.
  • Catch the specimens and release them far away, at a distance of at least 1km.
  • Protect the crops with mosquito netting or metal (grid).

Chemical remedies

If the pest is very widespread and is causing real problems, we can treat it with an anti-beetle insecticide. But because of how harmful this type of products can be for the environment, I recommend being patient and trying home remedies first.

I hope it has been useful to you .

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