The genus of perennial plants called Aquilegia

There are about seventy species included in the genus known as Aquilegia, belonging to the Ranunculaceae family. These perennials are native to the mountainous areas of Europe, the Asian and American continents. For example, Aquilegia vulgaris grows naturally in various Italian regions. Herbaceous plants grown for ornamental purposes are suitable for creating and decorating flower beds in the garden. Moreover, they live without too much difficulty even in pots on balconies and terraces. The varieties of Aquilegia do not fear the harsh winter cold and withstand temperatures below zero. The flowers are composed of five sepals and enclose the petals which are characterized by the so-called spur, a protuberance that gives the original shapes to the pendulous-looking inflorescences.

Species and varieties of the Aquilegia caerulea plant

Among the varieties most used for ornamental purposes in the garden or as a cut flower is the Aquilegia caerulea, a species native to the North American continent. The foliage is composed of three lobes, glaucous green. The leaves are large with deep veins, the flowering period begins in spring in April and lasts until July. One of the most popular hybrid selections for floral production is the Aquilegia caerulea Red Hobbit. The flowers have bright red sepals and the petals are white with reddish hues. The white and cream inflorescences characterize the Aquilegia caerulea Kristalle while the Aquilegia caerulea Heavenly Blue Star opens two-colored flowers, the sepals are purple or deep blue, the same shades are found on the white petals.

Herbaceous plants called Aquilegie, species and varieties

The plants of the Aquilegia species are very appreciated for the production of flowers with an elegant appearance and bright colors. In the Italian territory it is possible to find in nature the so-called Aquilegia vulgaris of which several hybrid varieties are available such as the Aquilegia vulgaris Ruby Port with bright red flowers or the Aquilegia vulgaris Pink Cascade with pink tones. Another species used for ornamental purposes is the Aquilegia flabellata, native to Japan. The sepals are green and the petals are white, one of the most interesting ornamental hybrids is the Aquilegia flabellata Nana Alba. The habit is compact while the flowers open in spring are plain, white. Blue and white are the shades of the inflorescences produced by

Cultivation techniques of the evergreen plant of Aquilegia

The herbaceous plants of the Aquilegia species are grown without difficulty outdoors, in areas with harsh winters and also tolerate hot summer temperatures well. These plants prefer a soil rich in organic substance, fertile and above all well drained. They can grow in sunny positions but in partial shade the floral production is more abundant. They do not require constant irrigation, watering is moderate during spring and summer. They resist short periods of drought and fear stagnation of water, deleterious for the root system. The fertilizations are sporadic, once a month, an organic fertilizer is administered complete with all the nutritional elements necessary for the development of the columbines, to be diluted in watering starting from the spring season.

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