How to water columbine

First of all, to properly irrigate columbine it is good to check the moisture level of the soil. It is not necessary to wet the plant if the substrate is still wet from the previous irrigation. If you proceed to water the columbine in the presence of a soil that is still damp, you would only risk submerging the roots and consequently causing their rot. Another important factor to pay close attention to is the amount of water that is supplied to our plant. Aquilegia needs very small doses of water during wetting and it is absolutely advisable to avoid overdoing it. The plant tolerates short periods of drought quite well so it is not necessary to water it every day in summer. L’

How to cure columbine pain

The ideal exposure for columbine is in a partial shade area. If you place the plant in a semi-shaded place you will get more abundant blooms. As for temperatures, columbine can resist both very harsh climates (with temperatures below zero) and sultry heat. Thanks to its good resistance, it does not need to be sheltered in winter. As for apartment columbine, repotting takes place in March, about once every two years. As for outdoor plants, on the other hand, repotting is done in late summer or early spring. During repotting, the soil to be used must be rich in organic substances. In order to create a rather rich bush,

How to fertilize columbine

To properly fertilize columbine it is good to proceed from the spring period and continue until mid-summer (July-August). Generally, it is preferable to use a liquid fertilizer that will be diluted with the irrigation water. The most recommended type of fertilizer must contain the three basic chemicals such as: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. In addition to these essential elements, it is also good to provide the columbine with copper, iron, magnesium, zinc and manganese. An important precaution is to provide the plant with slightly lower doses of fertilizer than what is stated on the package. Columbine adapts quite well to any type of terrain. However, it is important to create a perfectly draining substrate that can be obtained by means of

Aquilegia: Diseases and remedies

Columbine pain can be affected by a few types of parasites and insects. Generally, it is affected by aphids, also known as plant lice. The best remedy against these insects consists in the immediate use of specific pesticides as soon as their presence is detected. If the leaves have lighter lines than the usual green color, larvae have been deposited on the plant that are digging tunnels. In this case it is good to use pesticides that act endotherapically. In the event that the columbine shows brownish spots, we are in the presence of a fungus called “rust”. This fungus is very harmful to the plant and it is good to act as soon as the first symptoms are noticed using a special antifungal.

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