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Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, spicy and beautiful

We cannot talk about the hottest chilli pepper in the world without first making a little mention of how to get to this record. The Scoville scale is the unit of measurement with which the degrees of spiciness of this fruit are measured. Trinidad Moruga Scorpion is the variety that held the world record for spiciness from 2012 until today, measured with this scale and its value is around 2 million Scoville units. In 2014, this record was set by the Carolina Reaper variety. Originally grown on the island of Trinidad, it is even recommended to ingest it due to the inflammatory effects due to its spiciness. When ripe, it shows a bright red color and even if it has few uses in the kitchen, it could be tested with very small quantities with a very light sauté of

Carolina Reaper, pure fire.

The Carolina Reaper has supplanted the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion in the guiness of records, as the hottest pepper in the world, hitting over 2,200,000 units on the Scoville scale. Its cultivation was obtained by hybridizing 2 varieties of chillies, the Pakistani Naga and the Habanero Red, from a grower in South Carolina. The production of this fruit must be done by trying to keep the plant at a constant temperature of 28 degrees. During the ripening phase, the Carolina Reaper changes from an intense emerald green color to a very bright red and the shape is rounded and slightly flattened. The taste of this pepper when it is not dried and when it is not yet overwhelmed by its enormous spiciness, is fruity with an aftertaste of chocolate and cinnamon. Not very enjoyable in the kitchen but for the more daring,

Naga Morich, chili pepper from Banglades.

The Naga Morich is a kind of pepper discovered in 2001 and until 2006 it was considered the hottest pepper. Its origin is native to the north of Bangladesh, but is now grown in different parts of the world. Due to its spiciness, a viral-joke broke out years ago where a person would film themselves while ingesting a Naga Morich and eventually put the video online. Cultivation in pots prefers a constant high temperature and both growth and germination are quite slow. The shape of the fruit in the ripening phase is conical and slightly elongated towards the lower part and the color changes from green to bright orange up to an extremely ruby ​​red color. Plants can reach up to 60 centimeters in height.

Chilli variety: Small and deadly, Black Fire Violet.

Violetto Fuoco Nero is a very particular pepper. It definitely does not contribute to any type of record for the measurement of its spiciness according to the Scoville scale, but to the taste it shows a not indifferent burning sensation on the palate, but definitely bearable compared to previous examples. The peculiarity of this kind of chilli is the color of the plant which appears purplish, as well as its ripening fruits which are purple tending to black. The plant of this pepper, compared to most of the other species, shows the fruits facing upwards and their size is very small, so much so that they are also called Diamantini. In the kitchen it adapts to any type of culinary preparation and is often used dried or powdered.

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