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Coriander seeds

The plant from which coriander seeds are extracted

Coriander seeds are extracted from an annual herbaceous plant that can reach a height of about half a meter. Its leaves resemble those of parsley in shape and flavor and that is why this plant is also known by the name of Chinese parsley. During the Renaissance it was customary to throw, as a sign of good luck, to the spouses, glazed coriander seeds which were replaced with paper confetti, still in use today, only at the end of the nineteenth century. Mediterranean areas in North Africa and Asia, but it can be grown in a vegetable garden or in pots if well exposed to the sun. The most used part is the coriander seeds which are collected and dried. These are round and characterized by a straw yellow color.

Properties of coriander seeds

Coriander seeds contain substances that, similar to those contained in fennel, have an antispastic action on the smooth muscles of the digestive tract. This peculiarity means that the seeds are used in herbal teas, playing not only a flavoring role but above all a digestive action.In folk medicine, coriander is used because it is considered a useful vermifuge.Other beneficial effects related to its intake are certainly the ability to soothe rheumatism and joint pain. being characterized by antispasmodic, carminative and stomachic properties, it is an excellent natural remedy against stomach swelling and abdominal colic. It has a very valid stimulating effect that reduces the sense of fatigue. This makes it an excellent tonic for both the nervous system and the

Coriander seeds: use in the kitchen

Coriander seeds when dried and chopped are an excellent spice. Their food value and their scent means that they are widely used as ingredients of some important spice blends including curry and garam masala, typical of India.Their delicate flavor is enhanced if it is paired with thyme and with pepper. This set will allow you to flavor a simple boiled rice. Along with nutmeg, coriander is an excellent condiment for mashed potatoes.In Italian cuisine, coriander seeds are used to flavor some sausages, but their consumption is much wider, however, on international tables and on those overseas. In Egypt it is common to combine coriander with beans while in Morocco it is used for meat fillings and also in marinades.

The cultivation of coriander

Coriander seeds are extracted from a plant that is grafted in late spring, as it does not survive frosts and cannot stand excessive heat.The area in which it will be planted must be chosen in a very sunny position. Its ideal planting is on a friable and well-drained soil. It is also advisable to work the soil, before planting and mixing it with organic compost, it must then be raked and leveled.The seeds are planted at a depth of about six millimeters and you will have to water them often as they need a lot of moisture because Being a plant whose growth is rapid, it is advisable to repeat the operation every two or three weeks so as to have both fresh coriander and seeds available for the whole season.

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