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Lavender cultivation

Grow lavender on the terrace, on the balcony or in any flowered corner

Buy the lavender seed bags in specialized shops or nurseries. If you want your terrace to have an intoxicating and unmistakable scent, get a large pot that leaves the necessary space for your plant to grow undisturbed, bury all the seeds and place it in a sunny place without overwatering it: lavender does not require much water otherwise you run the risk of rotting the roots. Be careful to put a layer of expanded clay at the bottom of the pot for better drainage, then place a layer of non-woven fabric and fill the pot with soil: you will be sure that you have done a good job for your health. plant for the successful cultivation of lavender on your terrace or balcony and in summer,

The cultivation of lavender to perfume the garden

The most practical and safe way to have a faster and more luxuriant lavender cultivation, especially if you want a flower garden, colorful and fragrant in a short time, is to use the cuttings which must be at least 10 cm high. Lavender needs a calcareous, dry and sandy soil to allow the water to drain quickly. To give the cuttings the opportunity to take root, after planting them you will have to wet them but always in moderation otherwise they will rot. Lavender is a Mediterranean herb therefore it requires a place where full sun is guaranteed at least for eight hours a day and, to repair the plant in the winter months, the most suitable place will be near the wall where it will also form a cheerful spot of color. and perfume.

The cultivation of lavender for various uses

Lavender is an ancient plant and in recent years it has been rediscovered for use in cosmetics, in the kitchen but also for the care of people suffering from simple headaches, rheumatic pains, insomnia, etc. The large lavender crops in Provence are mainly used to obtain the essential oil extracted from the plant by distillation, using it as a natural remedy to relax or, if necessary, as a decongestant if you inhale its vapor. The essential oil of lavender is also widely used in cosmetics to package products that treat impure skin or as a friction on the scalp in case of hair with dandruff. In the kitchen then its flowers are used to perfume and color tasty risottos, jams,

Lavender cultivation: How to use lavender to beautify and perfume your home

Collect the sprigs of lavender and let them dry then compose bundles of various sizes using colored ribbons and use them to decorate and perfume the various corners of the house. Collect the flowers, let them dry and store them in tin boxes away from heat sources to be able to use them if necessary as ingredients to add for the preparation of vegetable candles that you will have the satisfaction of preparing yourself. Keep in mind that the scent of lavender eliminates bad smells from your home including that of mold and, when used inside the washing machine, softens the fabrics and releases a delicate scent. To brighten up a set table, you can make simple place cards by combining three lavender flowers combined with a couple of rosemary sprigs:

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