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Lavender sowing

Sowing lavender in the open ground

Lavender is a typically Mediterranean plant, but this should not deceive you: its propagation by seed is not easy. In nature it produces the seeds in the summer and the same remain in the ground for all the months that separate them from the following spring. Sow in the fall, with a position in full sun or partial shade. In well-drained soil, rich in organic matter and light. It is excellent to prepare the soil with a digging that incorporates peat, good mature manure or slow release complex fertilizer. A month later, proceed with sowing, burying the seeds, covering them with a light layer of earth and water lightly. You will no longer have to water all winter. In spring you will have to thin out the seedlings,

Lavender sowing in pots

With Lavender sowing in the garden, in the ground, or in pots are not a problem. If you opt for pot cultivation, the substrate in which to grow your plant is made up of fifty percent of normal garden soil and the remaining fifty percent equally divided between peat and sand. At the bottom of the pot, place a layer of mature manure or slow release compound fertilizer, put some inert material on top that will serve as drainage and finally fill the pot with the soil compost that you have previously prepared and sow. Graft a hand shower onto the watering can and water lightly, carefully, so as not to dislodge the seeds. Do not overdo the watering, keep the soil cool, but not wet, until the seedlings come out.

The cutting

In the cultivation of Lavender sowing and cutting are the two agricultural practices used for its propagation. The cutting is the easiest method and the most affordable for everyone, since the Lavender cuttings take root with a certain ease. This type of propagation takes place in late summer until autumn. You need to cut twigs about 15 cm long. from semi-woody stems to which, later on, the flowers and leaves in the basal part are removed. Once this is done you can plant them in the pots, which you previously filled with a mixture of sand and peat in equal parts; using a good rooting hormone can help. As for the propagation to seeds attentive to watering: fresh soil, not swamp! Keep them away from frost and place them in the spring with the spring.

Use of lavender

Lavender is certainly a plant that plays its part in the choreography of a garden. The touch of color it brings, whether it be to form a hedge or to form a colored spot, is priceless. However, Lavandula officinalis has been known since ancient times also for its healing characteristics. The part used for medicinal purposes are the flowers that are harvested in the summer, between July and September; contain coumarin, an aromatic compound that industry uses in the composition of perfumes and pharmacology as a hypnotic. It is effective against ailments such as headache, asthma, cough, insomnia. It is a component of preparations with a stimulating, antispasmodic, calming and tonic action. In addition, it has an antiseptic and healing action. The essential oil, in addition to the bath water, has a

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