Buddleja davidii

How to water the luddleja davidii

As for the irrigation of Buddleja Davidii, it is good to be rather thrifty. This plant, in fact, prefers a dry climate to a too humid one. The wetting is only necessary during the periods of greatest drought while they are completely useless during the cold months during which the Buddleja Davidii can only be satisfied with rainwater. It is essential to respect this need of the plant as an excessive frequency of irrigation would only lead to water stagnation and consequently to the submergence and asphyxiation of the roots, generating root rot, one of the main causes of plant death. The Buddleja Davidii has no special needs regarding the water to be used for wetting.

How to cure buddleja

Buddleja Davidii is a plant that needs exposure in sunny or, at most, partially shaded places. If it is placed in excessively shaded areas, there is a risk of not obtaining a copious flowering. As for the climate, this plant is able to resist well to the most rigid climates and atmospheric agents. In fact, the Buddleja Davidii is able to completely lose the flowers and leaves during the winter in order to protect itself and regenerate them the following spring. This plant also needs vigorous pruning to ensure prolonged flowering. As for the multiplication of Buddleja Davidii, it is possible to proceed towards the end of winter by placing the seeds in a warm bed. The seedlings can be planted only the

How to fertilize the plant

In order to favor copious flowering, it is good to add a slow release granular fertilizer to the soil. This fertilizer should be applied towards the beginning of spring, when the Buddleja Davidii resumes its vegetative activity. It is essential that the fertilizer supplied to the plant contains the three basic chemicals such as: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It is also possible to add fertilizer in liquid form to the water of the wetting. This fertilizer must be diluted in slightly lower doses than what is stated on the package. As for the most suitable soil for its growth, Buddleja Davidii has no particular claims. This plant grows quite well on all types of substrates as long as they are fresh, light and well-draining.

Buddleja davidii: Diseases and remedies

As for parasites and insects, it is rare that they manage to infest the Buddleja Davidii. This rustic plant is able to tolerate any infestations even by fungal species. As far as atmospheric agents or climate are concerned, even in this case the plant defends itself quite well. In winter, in fact, the Buddleja Davidii is able to lose the flowers and leaves in such a way as to defend itself and then manages to regenerate them the following spring. It is not necessary to shelter this plant during the colder months. The only problem that could ruin Buddleja Davidii is root rot. This pathology arises as a result of excessive wetting and is mainly caused by submersion and asphyxiation of the roots. Unfortunately,

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