Flower bulbs

Flower bulbs

Flower bulbs are divided into spring flowering and summer flowering bulbs. They can be grown in the ground, in pots or even in jugs, for the so-called forced cultivation. Before planting a bulb, it is necessary to check some characteristics that indicate its good condition, such as: its thickness, hardness and heaviness. We must always refrain from concluding the «deal» and buy only the first quality bulbs, the round ones, compact, firm and consistent to the touch, without the buds and free of visible fungi. The diameter is also important: it should be between a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 18 centimeters. A great thing is to plant the bulbs as soon as they are purchased, but if this is not possible it is recommended to keep them in absolutely cool and dry places.

Spring flowering flower bulbs

If you want to plant spring flowering flower bulbs, those that will bloom in the period between the months of February and May, you must choose them at the end of summer. The range is vast and you only have to choose between tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, crocuses, irises, snowdrops, to name only the best known. The ideal time for the actual planting is autumn: by planting in the months of September and October, the bulbs are put in the conditions to develop beautiful roots before the winter frosts, even for bulbs planted in pots. The flower bulbs allow you to have plants with colorful flowers, very different from each other, in height and size. The advice is to plant the bulbous plants in groups, in pots or outdoors, because the

Plant the spring flowering flower bulbs

Prepare the soil in autumn: it is the most important part, not so much for the type because the bulbous plants adapt well to all soils, as for the drainage which is very important. The best results are obtained by adding sand or peat. A good manure does not hurt absolutely, on the contrary. For the rest they do not need other maintenance if not the obvious care of all the plants: remove the weeds and water regularly, preferably early in the morning; many fungal diseases develop precisely due to irrigation carried out on the soil «heated» by a beautiful day of intense sun. Plant the bulbs at the right depth, usually twice their height. Alternatively, you can orient yourself by following these measures for the depth: at 15-20 cm the largest bulbs (narcissus, hyacinths,

Summer flowering flower bulbs

Spring flowering bulbous plants are the first plants to bloom, as they do so at a time when nature is still asleep from winter rest and therefore arouse considerable charm, but summer flowering bulbs have nothing to envy them. Peonies, dahlias, lilies and anemones offer spectacular blooms that will continue until autumn. For planting summer flowering bulbous plants, the best time is spring, as soon as the frosts are no longer a problem and until the end of May. Summer flowering bulbs generally bloom for several years, simply protecting them from frost with mulch. The exceptions are the lilies that will be removed from the ground in autumn and stored in a cool place, but protected from frosts. They will be ready to be planted the following spring.

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