Flowering tulips holland

Flowering tulips holland: when to plant

Before winter, the bulbs are planted. This applies not only to tulips, but to all bulbous flowers: daffodils, hyacinths, crocus … As for the tulip bulb, it is a good idea to plant it about twenty centimeters below the surface of the earth. This is because it is important that, when the stem begins to come out, it is not blocked by ice (in a particularly cold winter) or stones. A layer of water or snow will keep the soil moist, allowing the bulb to grow and be ready to flower in early spring. If you think of the submerged Dutch fields, you will understand that the tulip feeds precisely during the winter, after being planted, and this allows it to grow luxuriantly at the right time.

Flowering tulips in the Netherlands: a winter of patience

Once our bulbs have been planted, well hidden like little treasures under centimeters of earth, and well spaced so that they do not find themselves blooming too close to each other in spring, we just have to be patient. If we are in a humid area or during a rainy winter, we can completely forget about it, nature will take its course. But if we are faced with a particularly dry winter, it will be good to remember to periodically water the earth under which our beautiful tulips rest. The necessary precautions in terms of depth, distance, treatment are always mentioned on the packaging of the bulbs. We spend the winter peacefully, with the Christmas holidays, or rather the Dutch Sinterklaas, and we await at least March to see the first flowers appear from the ground.

tulips bloom holland: finally it’s spring

Here finally, between March and May, depending on the variety of tulip planted, our beautiful flowers begin to appear, in a riot of colors. At this point the Dutch tulip is not a flower that needs great care, making happy even those who have little time to devote to gardening. During a spring that is not particularly rainy we will not have to fear watering them too often, the tulip is not afraid of water. We will have to cut any dry leaves, eliminating the flower only once it has wilted. What usually happens at this point in small home gardens in Holland is the cutting of the flower. Once the tulip has flowered, it is cut and kept in a vase. The bulb is dug up, cleaned and stored for a new flowering.

blooming tulips holland: the fate of the bulb

Even waiting for the natural course of the tulip, at a certain point we will find ourselves cutting the stem and digging up the bulb, after the flower has withered. We will have to collect it with a spade for bulbs and clean it from the earth, closing well and taking care of the soil in which it had been planted for many months. At this point the bulb, so that it can bloom again the following year, must be stored, preferably in a dry and as cold place as possible (not for nothing these flowers grow so well in a northern country, which is certainly never too hot) . A cellar will do very well for us. After that, in the fall, we will simply have to go and fish out our Dutch tulip bulb, re-prepare the soil in which to plant it, and repeat the operations carried out the previous year.

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