Flowers bulbs

Flowers bulbs, the herbaceous called Amaryllis

The genus of bulbous plants and weeds called Amaryllis, includes many species and hybrid varieties to be cultivated for the splendid colored inflorescences. These plants belong to the Amaryllidaceae family and are native to southern Africa. The bulbs must not be completely buried, they must be planted in the winter months and can be placed in the ground or in pots. The soil is composed of peat and sand while the temperature suitable for germination does not drop below fifteen degrees. The flower stems appear before the emission of the ribbon-like leaves. The flowers bloom in spring, delicately scented, are large and gathered, they can be of different color from red to yellow, variegated, mottled or plain.

Flower bulbs, the species of the genus Crinum

The flowering plants of the Crinum genus, belonging to the Amaryllidaceae family, are native to the Asian and African continents. The bulbs should be planted in the months of March and April, both in pots and in the ground. The soil must be fertile and ensure proper water drainage. These plants thrive in areas with a mild and temperate climate and must be protected from strong currents. Irrigation is constant and frequent, it is important that the soil, starting from the spring season and throughout the summer, is always kept humid. The flowering period begins in May, the flowers are large and funnel-shaped. They can be variegated and mottled, white, red and pink in color. The foliage is caniculate, linear with the pointed end, bright green.

The genus called Crocus, bulbous flowers

Originating from the Mediterranean basin, the plants included in the genus called Crocus belong to the Iridaceae family. These bulbous flowers should be planted from September to November, in well-drained soils. They grow both in sunny areas and in partial shade, in the ground or in pots and are not afraid of cold winter temperatures. Watering is frequent in spring and summer, however it is advisable to let the soil dry before watering again. They are characterized by the early flowering which occurs at the end of the winter season, before the foliar emission. The flowers are cup-shaped, composed of tepals, they can be, according to the varieties and species, of many different colors. The leaves are basal and develop directly from the bulb, with a laminated and linear shape,

The herbaceous species of Iris, flower bulbs

The genus of flowering bulbs called Iris belongs to the Iridaceae family and is native to all four continents. Easy to grow, these herbaceous plants adapt to various climatic and environmental contexts. The bulbs should be planted in autumn, in October or November. They prefer calcareous soils and resist drought periods while the exposures must be sunny. Irrigation is regular in spring and summer. The flowering period begins with the arrival of summer, the characteristic flowers have elegant shapes and a delicate appearance. According to the different species and hybrid varieties, different color tones are available, mottled, variegated or plain. The leaves can be heart-shaped or linear and thin, defined by grooves, light green.

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