The color of the flowers

We challenge anyone to deny the fact that a beautiful bouquet of fresh and fragrant flowers carries a sense of serenity and very often inspires a smile; we are sure of what we are saying (and of the bet we are proposing) not only because we have experienced the above reactions on our skin, but because the scientific confirmation has finally arrived – and from many quarters – that all this is very true! In fact, within a few decades, when it was really seen that flowers and plant nature in general were able to alleviate the excessive levels of stress to which daily life forced us, it was provoked to understand why and invested money. with the hope of finding important answers. Well, these important answers arrived on time, also because the effect was too evident and common to be disproved.

Flowering plants

One of the main reasons why so many people love to grow flowering plants at home is precisely this psychological factor we are talking about. In fact, we must also consider the fact that gardening is a widespread and very positive hobby also for the physical activity in the open air that it allows us to carry out; however this is certainly associated with pleasure and all the other pleasant sensations associated with handling plants and flowers, taking care of them and cultivating them, obtaining enormous satisfaction in seeing them grow and sprout thanks to the care that we ourselves have dedicated. Moreover, even if the classification is not official, there are many species of flowering plants and there are all types and for all needs: there are tree species, therefore of important dimensions, and there are herbaceous species, some of which have small dimensions and therefore blend well with the possibilities of those who have a small balcony or terrace and a few pots. We can say that in general a flowering plant stands out from the others precisely because it manages to germinate easily, that is, despite being kept in pots and a climate that is not perfect for the needs.


Surely in the latitudes in which the Italian territory develops we are very advantaged for the hobby of gardening, in fact, excluding the high mountain areas (however limited) we enjoy everywhere a warm and fairly long summer and winters that are not so rigid and truly concentrated in just two or three months. These are the ideal conditions for most of the flowering plants, whose origins are to be found in the tropical and sub-tropical belts of the world; starting from the climate we have and with some precautions (such as vaporization, roofing, greenhouses), we can easily recreate living conditions similar to the original ones. One of the plants that best adapts to our climate and which, thanks to its simple beauty, has conquered the Italian public passionate about gardening is the freesia:

Freesia: Growing freesia

The main feature for which freesia is so widespread and loved are its flowers: we were to look for a manifesto of the life power of nature and condense it into a flower, this would certainly be that of freesia, because it manages to combine in small dimensions ( one or two centimeters) a mix of bright colors (often white and red, all streaked with an intense yellow) and a fresh, springy and really pleasant scent. Freesia is grown from its bulbs, which are stored in the ground (if the pot is in a sheltered and dark position) or dry and then planted in February; in a short time they will sprout and give life to a small plant, with green stems and long and thin leaves, but above all with very light and capable tufts of bell-shaped flowers, if shaken by the wind, to emanate a perfume over great distances. The fairly rapid sprouting means that freesia is often found simultaneously with mimosas, so much so that it is one of the flowers that best lends itself to accompanying freesias in gift bouquets for Women’s Day. Even the aromas of these two species blend very well, enhancing the result and allowing you to create excellent combinations to donate.

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