Hyacinth bulb

Hyacinth bulb – the name

Prince of Sparta, Hyacinth was a young teenager of incredible beauty. This beauty attracted the attention of the god Apollo, who fell madly in love with him, neglecting all his duties in order to benefit from the company of his beloved as much as possible. But the god of the winds, Zephyrus, was also struck by Hyacinth’s beauty, but he was not paid. During a discus throwing contest between Apollo and Hyacinth, the envious Zephyr with a gust of wind caused the disc thrown by Apollo to hit Hyacinth in the temple, killing him. The desperate god Apollo tried to save his beloved, but unable, he transformed him into a beautiful flower, the Hyacinth. From this story of Greek mythology we can already understand how much the beauty of this flower that comes from the Hyacinth bulb fascinates the

Hyacinth bulb: the plant

Hyacinth (Hyacinthus) is a plant native to the eastern Mediterranean and Asia Minor. The name comes from the story of Greek mythology that tells the fairy tale birth of this flower. With the name hyacinth, on a botanical level, a species of more similar flowers is actually identified, which are the Roman hyacinth, the Italian hyacinth and the Dutch hyacinth. They all have in common a very rounded bulb, which produces ribbon-like leaves and flowers of various colors. The leaves of the Hyacinth have the particularity of their shape, which gives the impression that an A letter is written inside them. For Greek mythology, they are the letter «A» that Apollo wrote when he transformed the beloved into a flower, a sign of his suffering. Hyacinths are widely used as an ornamental plant, and their essence is widely used in

Hyacinth bulb: growing in the garden

The most widespread and used Hyacinth, the one that comes to mind when we hear this name, is the Eastern Hyacinth or Roman Hyacinth. The hyacinth bulb should be planted in autumn; the whole period between September and December is fine. In this way the flowering will take place in March, maximum April. The selection of the soil is essential for the good development of the plant. The hyacinth prefers sunny and well-drained soils; in fact the excessive humidity could rot the bulb. The soil must also be rich and well fertilized. Preferably if it is a mix of humus and sand, it is ideal for this type of flower as it would turn out to be a soil rich in nutrients, but easy to drain. They must be buried more or less at a depth of 10 – 15 centimeters.

Hyacinth bulb: grow it in pots

To plant the hyacinth bulbin pot, you need to have some special precautions. First of all, the pot, which must be very deep, and absolutely must have a fairly large drain hole in the bottom. It is then necessary to place at least 5 centimeters of pure gravel in the bottom. The gravel is not only exceptionally draining, it keeps snails away. The remainder of the soil must be composed of a mix of gravel, universal loam, and a clay type soil. Once you have filled the pot with this soil mix, you can start planting the bulbs. They should not be buried deeper than 10 centimeters if you choose to plant them in pots. The distance between one bulb and another must be at least 5 centimeters. Once the bulbs are buried, water abundantly. If you keep the pot outside you can not irrigate it.

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