Planting tulips

When to plant tulips

As with any plant, there are also suitable times for tulips to plant them.Before knowing when to plant tulips, you need to know that they come from bulbs that can be purchased in specialized (botanical) centers or even in shopping centers with a dedicated section to gardening. Usually the bulbs can be purchased in the periods between September and October.Now we can say that the best time to plant tulipsit’s when it’s cold, so in autumn or winter. More specifically in the months from October to early December. It must be borne in mind that if we want an early flowering we will need to plant the bulbs in October – November, while if we want a late flowering it will be enough to plant the bulbs in late November or early December. to plant tulips for the simple fact that it would be difficult to work the soil.

How to plant tulips

The ideal place to plant tulips is a place where there is sun and also shade at different times of the day. After choosing the right position for our flowers, we can move on to creating the hole in the ground.To make the holes in the ground I can recommend a tool used to dig the right size for the bulbs, this object is called plant-bulbs and is easily It can be purchased in centers specialized in DIY and gardening.In addition, it is necessary to buy a suitable soil for the planting of these flowers, also available in the various botanical centers.The bulbs must be buried at a depth that corresponds to twice as many (paying attention pointing them with the roots pointing downwards) and at a distance between them that is equivalent to about 5-6 centimeters.

Care of tulips

As with any flower, tulips also need to be given the right attention and therefore the right care.Initially I would like to talk about how and when to water the tulips.The soil must be moist enough, but not too much. So I recommend watering constant (once a day) but weak, so you should not exceed with water. This also depends on the season we are in; if we are in a season where the rains are abundant it is not necessary to water the tulips, but it would be ideal to cover our growing plant so as not to let it take too much water. with the use of special fertilizers that are sold in gardening shops. Furthermore, during the life of the tulip it is necessary to be attentive to any diseases and parasites that may affect our plant. To intervene on these diseases or parasites it is necessary to act in time with the various dedicated products.

Planting Tulips: Conclusion

This article is to help those people who do not know how to plant tulips but are interested in doing it on their own. By following what is said in this guide, it is possible to succeed in your goals and obtain excellent visible results in the flowering period that varies from March to May. What is said in this writing, is also useful for planting other types of bulbs necessary to beautify your garden even more. Also if during the life or planting of the tulip, unexpected and unforeseen problems arise. described in the guide, I invite you to contact people who are practical in the sector, such as gardeners. If you have planted the tulips in the right way, you will be able to admire your plant in all its splendor during the flowering period.

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